Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm really in love with him!

Good  morning ma, please ma I need advice, I'm in a relationship for over a year now. 
But during December period, he wanted to come and ask my hand in marriage but his parents refused that I'm his senior and the boy did not come again but the boy told the parents that is not true. 
Since then the parents stopped calling me, the parents has been discouraging him about the relationship and my friend has stopped calling and when I call him, he does not respond well. 
Please I need advice because I'm really in love with him. Since I knew him, no man has ever crossed my path. 
That is I don't have any feeling for anybody. Thanks ma

Dear sender, 
You do not want to marry a boy nor do you wish to marry a man who is as confused that he cannot do anything without his parent's supervision and instructions. 
Please help yourself and open your heart and eyes so that you can meet a man who is responsible enough to know what he need and go for it without having to rely on the opinions of others to breathe and achieve anything in life. 
You deserve better than what you think is best for you. 
Since he's not making any efforts nor committing himself to the relationship, it's time to roll up your mat and begin to walk to where you will be fulfilled and happy with yourself and your partner. 

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