Saturday, July 18, 2015

Is anything wrong in marrying a man with kids.?

Aunty Amara please save my soul am in pains I need help advice, am currently dating a man who had two kids from a woman he is not married to.
He had an introduction to know her parents when she got pregnant and that's all that was done.
He decided to take her because according to spiritual findings done he was told she is the one but he was skeptical cause her behaviour from time proved otherwise but decided to carry on hoping she would change since he has been told she is the one not knowing that the girl's parent had gone to cast a spell after looking into it too and seeing that he had a bright future.
Aunty honestly I never believed him and decided to do my findings and for everyone that knew them well in the neighbourhood including his family all said the same.
To cut it short my mum said she is not in support of him and feels he is lying while my dad is not against it.
She even requested they parted ways after the truth had come out the parents confessed to casting a spell.
The problem is my mum doesn't want him because he has two kids already.
Is there anything wrong in marrying a man with two kids?

Dear sender, 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with marrying a man with children but you need to understand your roles and responsibilities as the wife and mother of the children who are not yours. 
You need to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared to manage the challenges and difficulties that may arise from getting married to him. 
You need to take some time to evaluate the decision you are about to make and the likely things to expect from the mother of his children. 
He may have been under spell in the past but if he hasn't severed himself totally from the lady, then there wouldn't be any need for you to get married to him as that may frustrate you in the end. 
Your mum isn't against you but only concerned about your happiness and comfort in your home and marriage. 
Take your time to assure her of your convictions and appreciation of her efforts. 
Take your time to pray and prayerfully prepare before lunching out to get married to him. 
Seek God's face the most and please make sure that you are convinced of your decision to avoid regrets later. 
Like you would have observed, you have to take those children as yours and do not expect a rosy blending with them and depending on the agreements he had with the lady, she would always look out for her children. 
I need not remind you that you need God and prayers consistently to prosper in marriage with him.

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