Friday, July 17, 2015

Is there a big problem here?

Good afternoon Ma, May God continue to uplift you for creating this forum. 
Please Ma I need your advice, opinion and that of your fans. I just want to know if this is something to be disturbed about or if it simply means nothing. 
My marriage is nineteen months now but  seven months into the marriage my husband's immediate senior brother relocated to the state where we base and he stayed with us for five months before he got his own apartment, he's not married yet. 
Ever since he came into this town my hubby no longer discuss his plans with me again. Last year that was before his brother joined us over here, my hubby told me about his intention to acquire a property but that the money was not yet available that when he gets the money we could do that but immediately his brother came into town they went and paid for the property without my knowledge and this same act he has repeated in about three different occasions. 
Even in the documents it only bears Mr because I thought it should have been mr and mrs though my personal money is not involved. 
Note this his brother is his next of kin in most of his document though it was before he married me. 
Please  I need your help to know if there is a big problem here or not. 
Thanks please  pardon my long epistle

Dear sender, 
I understand what you are experiencing at the moment and I must tell you that it may look like it's nothing but strong building give way from a little crack. 
When the man you should have been one with is one with another company , it creates room for fear, worries, and communication difficulties between you and your husband. 
Please make out time to discuss this with your husband but please do not attack his siblings or family member. 
Simply let him know your frustrations and pains in not knowing where you are and what is going on in your marriage. 
Plead with him to carry you along in all honesty and sincerity of heart. 
Plead with him to always let you know about his vision, purpose and plans in life so that you can pray for him and support him in your own little way. 
Remind him of your trust and confidence in his personality and his plans for you and your family assuring him that his children would celebrate him in life. 
Do not challenge his choice of next of kin or feel threatened by his brother. 
See yourself as the handmaid of God who has come to make his life more successful and fulfilling. 
With time and presence of children, he would have no option but to change his documents to favour you and your children. 
Always pray for him and do not relent in appreciating and celebrating him. 
Treat him as though you met with him today and always ask him how he's faring in all his endeavours. 
Do not let this change your disposition. 
There are some battles you don't fight with confrontation but with prayers, wisdom and patience. 
I am hopeful that you shall overcome this phase of your marriage. 
All the best. 


  1. wow.. Aunty Amara has said it all... prayers, wisdom and patience is all you need to confront this

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  3. Any man who never finds it fit to include their wives in their property /properties is simply a cheat, yes a cheat.


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