Friday, July 17, 2015

My heart wants him, but with another!

Good day ma,
Aunty i need your advice and that of the house. 
I'm 25 in a relationship with a man of 27 for two years plus (distance ) six hours journey. we do visit each other the relationship has been defined at the beginning that he wanted marriage , he has seen my pastor and family which I accepted without looking at his pocket because I love him. 
He is the first man that saw my nakedness. After a year in the relationship, he changed to something else. He hardly call, if I call him a lady do pick his call. 
Four different ladies attacked me on Facebook , called and insulted me because of him which he later apologized and begged me not to quit the relationship which I accepted because I love him. 
March this year he started avoiding me, ignoring my calls and chat. He has hurt and
cheated on me countless time still i forgave him. He stopped calling me, when i called to know if he still love and want the
relationship, he refused to say his mind. 
His silence hurt me cause he left without
saying any thing. I had to force myself to
move on with my life. He has been calling
since last week after four months of
Please  advice me, my heart still want
him but I'm already in a new relationship which is just two months, no sex.

Dear sender, 
"my heart strongly will never condone, tolerate or entertain a cheat and chronic womaniser, nope my God never created me for such a person who would give the world my details to insult, abuse and make me feel like a fool all because I  accepted to love a partner"
Please ignore what my heart said. 
You are the best person to decide whether he really mean well to you or otherwise. 
You have known him much more than I do and have shared most of your time with him. 
If you feel that he deserves your love and your heart, then do well to end the relationship with your current partner. 
Else do tell him that the door isn't opened for visitors because there is an ongoing meeting with someone special. 
Relationship isn't a favour a man is doing for a lady. 
That is not God's intention for relationship and marriage. 
It is a need that both partners long to meet and strive to preserve. 
It's not a one man race but a joint investment so should a man treat you like he's doing you a favour, please live like nobody else is around you. 
Do not remain in an abusive relationship all because of his promises rather be in a relationship because you are happy and fulfilled with your partner. 
All the best. 


  1. Mrs Amara has hit d nail on d head,he wanted love, u gave him n now he is misbehaving, please let him go cause he will NEVER change, Know your worth my dear n tell yourself, you deserve d best, Goodluck in ur decision.

  2. Move on do not show him your break light he is not worthy. #Ella

  3. I always love ur advice anty amara, u r always on point my role model


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