Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm tired of living with them!

Good evening  ma'am. May GOD bless you more for being a blessing to humanity. 
Aunty please help me,  I just wished that every mothers would be like you. You are a rare gem and I appreciate you. 
Aunty there is no love among my relations from my daddy's side. Nobody cares if you are dying or not and am bothered so much because it's affecting us. 
Am 24 years and staying with my uncle. I work for him and he pays me but am no longer happy and comfortable staying with them because my uncle's wife is something else. 
She does not care about anybody around her except that of her family. Her nonchallant attitude is killing because you will not know when she is in good mood or not. 
She values her kids and every other person is nothing to her. She appears good when the husband is around but when the husband is not there she becomes somethings else. 
She talked her husband to stop rendering help to my mother because my dad was late. 
Now my uncle no longer care to know what we are passing through. 
He's financially ok but he refused to support. I am not allowed to go out with my friends he always want me inside the house and do the house chores. 
Aunty i want to leave their house because i feel i am being used by them. 
I have visions and plans but nobody cares nor understands me at all. no mutual love nor closeness between us as relations. 
They sees me as their househelp. Am sick and tired of living with them because everything is just so boring. I have made up my mind to leave them and cater for myself. 
I  cannot even talk one on one with that my uncle because  he doesnt listen to anybody and the worst is that they dont regard people as anything at all.
Ma, please advice me on what to do. whether leaving their house is the right thing to do.
I don't want anybody to frustrate my life. i cant even keep a serious relationship bcos of them. 
Am very sorry for my long write-up and errors. 
My heart is heavy and no one to share my worries, fears and pains with. 
Help me post this and advice a sister in need.

Dear sender, 
I can feel the pains in your heart. 
I understood how much you desire to fulfil your destiny and how frustrating it can be to live where you feel like you're not being appreciated. 
These are some of the not so good experiences we need to become the exceptional individuals when we get to the position of influence. 
Though I couldn't find specifically what they were doing that was that terrible from you mail, I'm deeply convinced that your vision is ripe for manifestation
Please I would love to ask you, how much were you able to save from the money you were being paid for your services to them? 
What other plans do you have and how do you wish to go about it. 
I understand that you wished your uncle was helping much more than he's currently doing but then again you can't decide for him who he wishes to help or how he plans to go about it and I do not feel that it's appropriate to say that his wife told him to stop helping you and your mother. 
If you were able to make some savings and you have alternative plans, then it's best you consider taking the risk to be responsible and accountable to yourself. 
Instead of living with frustration and depression with your uncle and feeling used, it's much better that you go to a place where you will feel happy and find fulfilment in what you do. 
Nobody else will understand you much more than you and nobody can help you much more than you simply because they feel that what they pay to you is enough. 
Sit down and make some plans, have a fair savings before lunching out to fulfil your destiny in life. 
Commit everything to God in prayers because without him, you wouldn't be able to succeed in your endeavours. 
Your story today isn't done yet, God is using everything to push you to greatness. 
Please never let go of your vision nor let go of God. 
Do not lose your patience and please don't hate any of your relatives whether they choose to help or not. 
Appreciate them and look up to God who is the source of every wealth.
He shall bless you and prosper your family. 
Do not be discouraged for the Lord God almighty will never forsake you nor will He put you to shame as long as your trust is in Him. 
All the best dear! 

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  1. Dear poster, i had similar issue when i was staying with my brother and his wife. There was no job for me just nothing.. God sent some people who preached to me and i gave my life to Christ and joined a ministry, when i heard the word of God i knew that was all i needed.. my goodness, my eyes were opened and discovered that i actually owned the world and my sufferings were unnecessary. I trusted God and his words even though i was maltreated, i chose to love them and prayed for them... i began to forget my own worries and rather pray for others who are going through troubles. i won't be given food but if my brother returns and ask if i have eaten, i would say yes. I was full of joy because i have found something (The word of God) I started meditating... speaking fort my tomorrow into being, loving everyone around me and telling others about Jesus. It didn't take long a job came without hunting for it, no c.v, no application, short interview and it has been from glory to glory and today people from other countries are partnering with me to establish an IT firm here in Nigeria. My point is... Show them love, endure a little while, have faith in God and in Him alone should you put your trust in. Man in nature is wicked and it can only take the grace of God for another man to help you. Don't rush into things, allow the spirit of God to guide you because he is the spirit of truth. Speak more in tongues and if you can't, ask God to fill you with his spirit and He will grant you utterance and you do, you will hear God talk to you. Today if i visit my brother and his family, they wouldn't let me go. LOVE CONQUERS EVERYTHING.


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