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Men and Foreplay: Part 1

All men have sex, but the question is; how many men do it the right way? How many men make love to their wife? How many men really satisfy their woman? How many men have the right education when it comes to sex? Sex, no matter how much we ignore it has always remained the major cause of problems in most relationships. Haven’t you seen couples quarrel so much only to go into the room and come out much later reconciled? That is the healing power of sex.

One thing I would like to tell you is that every woman wants her man to make her feel special in and out of the bedroom. She wants a loving, caring, and respectful relationship. She will get satisfied in bed only if both of your share a warm and healthy relationship.

A good number of men think lovemaking is all about going in and out of a woman with all the macho. That you bang and bang and have her screaming on top of her voice doesn't mean she's satisfied, she could be acting for the selfish man. That yours is six inches tall isn't a guarantee for a good sex life with your wife; a two inches could be better satisfying; all it requires is skill. It takes time to get a woman to the peak of that mountain. I can’t say it enough that satisfying lovemaking takes time, and can never take too long. You must be patient with her.

Fortunately, there is
a wide range of activities that lovers can indulge in that do not involve actual sexual intercourse.
On rare occasions, you may be so aroused that you immediately proceed to penetration and an orgasm, but usually a couple enjoys the gradual intimacies that  kissing, undressing, petting, admiring, among others provide. Each stage should be savored as an integral part of lovemaking. The longer, more refined, and attentive foreplay is, the more receptive your whole body will become, and the better the ultimate pleasure.

Some men do well as boyfriends only to become older than old school once they take that girl to the altar. Oga, don’t be deceived, the world is changed and women are changing with the times. Women want to experience all those things they read about on the internet and books. You can’t stop them from feeling that way. All you have to do as a caring and loving man is to make efforts to become better in bed.

A woman needs prolonged stimulation if she is to be fully aroused. Arousal is induced by a complex blend of mental and physical stimuli. Some women need a particularly long time, and a considerate man must wait for his partner, dominate his impulses, and hold back his reflexes. You must be able to hold yourself even when you are almost at the peak, but because of love and understanding, you want your woman to come along.

If you can successfully arouse your partner, you will also feel this sense of satisfaction, and she will be more receptive and helpful during intercourse. Men who cuddle their spouse a lot, and indulge in sensitive foreplay, are more likely to see her reach orgasm frequently and easily.

Don’t be in a hurry to remove your wife's clothes and proceed immediately to the actual thing. Hold her close and keep early caresses non-genital. Concentrate on her and stop thinking only about your Mr. Do-good.

Hey, before you get too excited and want to prove to the woman that you have arrived, have you had a shower? Are you clean shaved? Is your mouth free from every kind of foul smell? No matter how much a woman loves you, she wouldn’t want to be cuddled by a man who jumps straight to bed after all the sweating. She wants you to have a shower before you hit the sheets. That she's not complaining is either because she's also dirty, she doesn't want to hurt you, or she just does not know how to voice it out.

Many women like having their men occasionally with their under garments, though not their socks. A hint of nudity allows the imagination to run riot. Some women want to be undressed by their partner while some, who are not too comfortable with their body or are too timid, like to do it themselves. Whatever she chooses, make sure you maintain a body contact while that is done.

Women enjoy kissing very much,(though some love other kinds of foreplay) and most complain they don’t get enough of it-too many men proceed to genital touching far too soon. In kissing her, women prefer men who don't pour saliva on their body as they kiss their body parts. Giving her that dry run is more erotic. Women enjoy a gradual progression to their genitals. Stop looking for women with pointing breasts; your wife was like that when you met her. It was you and your children who flattened the breasts, so you have no acceptable excuse for getting tired of them. And who told you your penis is as strong as it was when she married you? You see; it's both ways.

Gentle biting and nibbling can be highly erotic, but its best to avoid 'love bites' on the genitals, which are highly sensitive and may be damaged or cause excessive damage. The clitoris is a very fragile part of a woman's body and must be handled with care. 

Most times men overlook the face of their partner during sex.The face has several erogenous zones including her hairline, eyebrow, cheeks. In general, women prefer light caresses that barely touch their faces. You can also blow behind her ears to make the experience more sensuous. If you tickle her beautiful neck very slightly can arouse her within seconds and get her ready for almost anything you want.

An extremely sensitive zone is the area around the navel. Most women relish caresses with the fingertips or penis over the whole length of their legs and particularly on the inner side of the thighs. The most erogenous zone of a woman’s body is the area of skin between the vagina and the anus.If you put your whole hand on this area, with the outer lips of the vagina closed, and press hard or massage, a woman can be aroused very quickly because of the dense network of nerve endings.
The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of a woman’s body, and the easiest part to stimulate if a man can learn to do it gently and skillfully without undue haste. Stimulation of the clitoris with the tip of the erect penis is a particularly pleasurable sensation to women.

As you go on with the foreplay, you must be careful enough to know the part of a woman’s body she enjoys you touching the most. Whatever and however she enjoys it, please be there for her.
One thing women hate is for a man to rush into orgasm and then sleep off. This makes her feel used. Guys, please try to hold yourself for as long as you have to. Do all you can to get her with you on that journey. Take it easy with her. Also take your time to explore her body. It may take you some time, but please do all you can to know the woman you claim to love. That your ex girlfriend loved it a certain way doesn't mean your wife must like it; they are two unique individuals. Your ex girlfriend may like it hard while your present may want it very soft and sensuous. Understand your woman.
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It hurts  when a woman is left on her own immediately after sex. A good number of men just get off and turn their back on the woman as soon as they climax. Guys,what could be more hurtful than this to a woman?

Please stop treating her as if she has no feelings of her own. She is an adult, your spouse and she wants to be treated as one. We will continue with this some other time. Please create time to explore your woman’s body and find out those sensitive areas of her body; it's worth the effort and time.
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