Tuesday, July 21, 2015

She has been abused physically and emotionally!

Hello Mrs Amara keep doing the great job. This forum has really help me to manage issue and i do share it with fellow women it has really helped me as a woman leader. 
But i have an issue at hand that is really weighing me down. someone needs our advise please.
A woman who is also a friend has been married for three years, she has a toddler and pregnant now. 
Her husband is well respected outside but he has been so cruel to her. 
She resigned because of marriage because they both worked in different states. 
Her parents are well to do and ready to support them so her father gave them a car and bought land for them.  He even gave them start up fund which the Lady claimed she has never used it against her husband. 
The husband doesn't want her to do or buy anything without his knowledge even to a small item like slippers for her child.  
If the man sees such he would destroy it or throw them away. The man is hot tempered he can get angry for days, weeks
even now turning into months. 
When he is angry with her he wont talk with her or fulfil his responsibility. 
She claimed to even weep and beg for sex from him and he will still not give it to her. 
The man is not moved by his tears. *the story is so long* but the bottom line is she has been abused physically,  emotionally she now has low self esteem coupled with the fact that she is jobless though she has ventured into business but the business failed.  
She is a graduate with good grades. she is lonely most times and she has been fending for herself her father used to give her monthly allowance secretly but the man is late now,  for the past two months she has used up her savings to cater for her need and that of her child she pays the school fees. 
She has reported her man to his siblings yet no changes the man has taken out most of her properties, he cancelled her name from the property documents they dont have a car anymore. 
WHAT CAN She Do?  
she doesnt have a place to go to unless if she work it out. please lets advise her she is losing her mind thanks.

Dear sender, 
I bless God for making you a woman leader helping many women in a mess and Marital woes. 
Thank God that he has given me the privilege to be an instrument in His hands. 
My joy is that the lady has a place to stay no matter how inconvenient it may be. 
Dear woman leader, if this woman loses her child in the womb out of depression and anxiety, who are we going to reach out to? 
This woman has both been tortured emotionally, she's living with a man but not married to him. 
This man tortures her physically as though she has no God nor roots (nope that's painful). She's married but have no security of her husband. 
This woman has lost her identity because this man not only rendered empty but is out to crush her to nothing. 
Please how respected is this man who has no compassion or consideration for a pregnant lady?
This woman lives hoping for death all in the name of marriage? 
Please dear woman leader, let the woman report this to the welfare department of the police and also separate from him at least for the sake of her unborn child and her health. 
If possible, let the group support her and encourage her with some funds to start something no matter how little. 
We shouldn't watch women crushed by irresponsible men in the name of marriage. 
The God who hates divorce never permitted anyone to torture or abuse others in marriage. 
We need to save a soul before we can save her marriage. 
I pray and pray for God's intervention in the life of this woman. 
God's grace dear, and I pray that God shall use you to bring hope in the heart of many women who are suffering in their marriages. 

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