Saturday, August 8, 2015

Am I Taking Another Woman's Husband?

Please Aunty Amara,help me post this.
Two years ago, I met a guy,and we loved ourselves very much,he was caring,intelligent,God-fearing and everything I asked God for. 
Along the line he proposed marriage to me,I agreed,but due to some family problems(my parents are separated) ,and he tried to help resolve the family issue,but it didn't push through,we broke up. 
I moved on with my life and he did too. 
His  aunty kept on calling me,my family members warned me to stop speaking with her,(not because they don't like the family,but because he left)
But I did it secretly,last year christmas the guy asked to see me,but I refused,and he sent money into my account,and
said I should use it for my upkeep,but I never met him. 
Last Month he called me again and said he wanted to come back. 
Note: He got married (traditional marriage)to another lady,But the problem was that they went for a paternity test,and it was proved that the baby wasn't his(I confirmed
He said he wanted to come and marry me. 
Now my problem is this:
Will it be bad to still go back to him,cos the love we have for each other is still there,is it a sin against God and Humanity? Am I taking another woman's husband? 
Should I go ahead or forget him? 
Please Mamas help me out,Thanks. 

Dear sender, 
On a funny note, where you the doctor that did the paternity test for the child? 
The truth is, he is not married, whether the child belonged to him or not is not your business. 
The man that you loved two years ago is not the same today. 
He is married with a child, what the paternity result said is left for him and his family and wife to decide on what's good for him and his wife. 
You can only consider marriage with a single man either divorcee, widower or an unmarried man. 
Not a man who has a minor or major misunderstanding or challenges with his wife. 
I know that you love him but please allow him to sort out his family issues and challenges. 
Until he has officially returned the dowry of his wife, he's sincerely married. 
God will give you a man who will cherish and love you for who you are and not a man who treats you as a backup. 
All the best dear. 

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