Saturday, August 8, 2015

How Many Times Should a Married Couple Make Love?

Dear Amara, please help me post as soon as possible.
Please how many times can a husband and wife have sex in a week?
Cos mine is giving me headache,there's no how I have never talked to my wife about it but she keep on choosing the days we will have sex and am the type that have high sex libido which I have told her many times.
And it will not give me joy if I get it else where.
Its not even that she has come of age.
She's 25 and am 36.
Please I need an advice from you and your fans.
Thank you!!!

Dear sender, 
There's no regimen or planned table on how many times or how they choose to appreciate one another in sexual intimacy.
However, there are lots of factors that may either make a lady not to desire love making with her husband which would make her to choose days to meet with you. 
Yes she may not have come of age but she's affected by stress and the activities she carry out on a daily basis. 
Dear husband, how many times have you helped out your wife to take care of somethings at home?  
How many times did you care to help with the dishes, clean the house or take care of your children?
How many times have you gone for shopping with your wife and helped her to carry some heavy items? 
How many times did you follow her to go make her hair or even surprise her by preparing a meal for her? 
You see sex for a lady is not automatic, you need to patiently and gently arouse her to always respond to you when you touch her. 
When you make love with your wife, how well do you communicate your feelings to her? 
How do you make her feel sexually satisfied, has she ever experienced orgasm or does she constantly complain of pains? 
Do you just go in there and pour your hot cement on her body or do you take your time to wake up all her sensors? 
How well do you appreciate your wife.?
When last did you send her sweet loving gifts, messages or compliments. 
When last did you notice that her panties may be loose on her and lovingly suggested to buy her something lovelier? 
When last did you surprise her with something she never expected or are you the kind of a husband who just wake up and you are like "oya mama Emeka, open let me enter" 
Or something like I am waiting for you in the room please be fast about that? 
You need to get her to enjoy sex, only then can she meet up with your desire and appetite for sex. 
Take some time and ask her how beautiful sex has been for you and her. 
Please do not interfere but simply listen to her views. 
Ask her how best she feel that your sex life can be improved. 
Encourage her to open up and don't make her look or feel like a sex object to you. 
Appreciate her and try to experiment with new positions, prolonged foreplay and beautiful love making. 
Encourage her to be in charge and do not fail to always find out how much she enjoyed every session. 
You shouldn't even think of going outside because you have a great sex expert in your wife, all she need is your lovely skills and fantasy to open her world to the beauty of love making. 
All the best dear. 


  1. Thank you for your comment. However, you commit a fallacy of generalization or hasty generalization whenever you use statements like " men really do not understand women at all". Try use "SOME" either. I think it is better. Thank you

  2. God provide me my husband this year in Jesus name, Amen.


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