Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Believe What She Said.

Good day Amara. I sincerely appreciate this you've been doing here, helping lives and building up relationships. 
Am a big fan of this page. I have something bothering me and I want you and members of this page to please advise me. 
I and my girlfriend are so much in love with each other and willing to settle down, God willing. 
Weeks ago, she talked to her mother about me and she seemed calmed about it. 
Her mother then took her to someone concerning the relationship probably to pray and to know if truly we were meant to be together. 
After the visit, the so called woman told them that her relationship with me can't work and it wil be difficult for both of us if we eventually settle down. 
We wept and felt bad cos we can't actualy picture us being apart cos we've become so intimate. 
We prayed, fasted and now believing in God that it will turn out well. 
My girlfriend had to involved her own pastor to pray concerning this. We'r yet to get a response from him.. 
Now Aunt Amara, am confused and scared cos this is the only girl I have ever loved so much and accepted me the way I am. Please talk to me on what to do cos I still don't believe in what the first woman said about us.. 
Thank you Ma. Sorry for the long write up and keep me posted.

Dear sender, 
God's intentions for marriage is to raise soldiers of the gospel and a husband who will be the pastor, prophet, priest and the apostle of his family. 
God desires so much that couples have a personal relationship with Him and with each other. 
So the best person to tell who you should marry or not marry isn't your parents, Pastors, teachers,prophets and seers but God. 
Whenever I receive mails of people who tell me a prophet said their marriage wouldn't be rosy, I shudder at what people waste their resources and time seeking the revelation of those who need God themselves. 
Now let me make it clear to you that no marriage is easy which is why many choose to buy condom than pay for the dowry of their wives. 
Marriage comes with a unique favour, open doors, blessings and Grace but there are tons of challenges that every couple whether rich,poor,Godly or ungodly must experience to enable them bond with each other and become mature emotionally and spiritually. 
It may come in diverse forms at varying times.. 
It may come in form of delay, external influence, financial difficulties, sexual challenges or any other factors either within or around the couples. 
But how they manage those moments is what determines how well they shall enjoy their marriage. 
There must be times of great joy and great pains but God will always be there to provide all you need to prosper in your marriage. 
So settle that in your heart and prepare yourself for marriage. 
Seek God's face and approval and not the opinions of men of God. 
If your partner shares the same spiritual convictions with you, if she believes in your vision and is willing to help you prosper in life, if she is emotionally in love with you and is willing to cover your nakedness and weakness, if she's willing to help you manage your resources and she's faithful to you, if you have peace and fulfilment being with her and you are convinced that she is the help, the bone of your bone and your companion in life,then all you need is seek for God's favour and Grace to help you become the man who will help her grow spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. 
Pray that God will give you the grace to be selfless and faithful to your wife and that God will provide all you need to buy provision for your wife and children and be a blessing to the society. 
Please do seek the face of God and his purpose for your marriage with your partner. 
If God cannot reveal his purpose to you, then no pastor or priest will have an understanding of what God's intention is for your life. 
Your knees is closer to God than your feet is to Pastors and prophets. 
All the best dear. 

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  1. The last time i checked...There was no special person God assigned prayers to....why wouldn't you and your girlfriend pray for your relationship but instead choose to run around from one pastor to another thereby creating unecessary confusion...Aren't you also aware of false prophets?....The earlier you took authority of your case the better your life would be...If you love someone you feel you can settle down with, you need no pastors approval...leave it to God...He is a master planner..So many beautiful relationships have failed due to seeking the face of a pastor and not the face of wise


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