Monday, August 10, 2015

I Don't Love My Husband Anymore!

Thank you for the work you are doing here, may God continue to bless you

This my third year in marriage and blessed with two kids, my problem is that ever since I got married my hubby has been cheating on me with different girls to the extent that when I was doing my service in another state he took his girlfriend to his cousin's house to live with him so that he can visit her at anytime, he sometimes spent the night there but I later found out everything.
Sometimes if I met him answering calls he would cut the phone immediately.
The day I tried going to his chat I saw things that broke my heart so I don't go to his phone again.
I support him in any way I can both in buying food stuff and other things, I even lent him money which he never paid back.
Our love making is once or twice a month if I complain he would say that he was tired.
Am just 26 and beautiful , admired by both men and women , if I asked him to give me money for my personal upkeep he would say that he don't have money but he will be spending money on his girlfriend.
I have complained to my Father In Law and Sister In Law but they kept telling me to be patient cos if they talk to him he won't listen. Now I don't love my hubby again and leaving my marriage is not an option, please tell me what to do so that all this will not bother me again, I want to be happy again.
Sorry for long write up and thanks in advance.

Dear sender, 
Sincerely it is heart breaking to be married to a man you cannot trust and more painful especially if you knew of his infidelity and still decided to get married to him. 
Cheaters don't suddenly resurrect from the blues, they give signs and warnings but many women ignore them in the name of I love him and I know that he would change. 
Some tow the path of competing to win his band only for them to wish they never got married to him. 
Now what can you do? Assume that he's not cheating on you when he makes love to you once a month? 
How will you cope with his selfishness and wickedness knowing that he may expose you to infections and emotional torture? 
Whether you go through his phone or not doesn't mean that he has changed, you only chose to live in denial of the reality. 
Please focus on your children and give your best to your children. 
Play with them, grow with them, stop worrying about where he went and who he met. 
The day he gives you attention, then be grateful and happy. 
Focus on building yourself and equipping yourself with skills that will generate funds for you and your children. 
Do not wallow in pains and disappointments of your husband's attitude. 
Pray for him and still pray with him. Always pray against any spirit of infidelity hovering around your home. 
Most men fear a praying woman because they know that when their wives go spiritual, they will track him down. 
Pray for him and do not relent. It's a fierce battle. 
One that sometimes look like you are fighting another woman. 
How will a sane man invest in a property and leave it to waste? 
You are this shows you that this is beyond the physical, it's a manipulation of some husband with vagina and they live wasting their wealth and destroying their home and generation. 
Pray for him, some men do not know what they do even though the society celebrate them and judge ladies. 
Pray and be patient. 
God ordained marriage and any third party is already cursed waiting for the day of consumption. 
Your battle is of the Lord, please do not give up on God and in your marriage. 
God shall grant you victory at last in Jesus name amen. 


  1. Marriage has its own challenges...we all know that....but it's up to you to either struggle hoping that things will be alright or break out of this bondage...
    Yes i see breaking out as an option because the only condition the bible gave for divorce is infidelity...though divorce doesn't appear as easy as it sounds...
    Since you said a divorce is not an option then you should be ready to carry on hoping that this tough time wouldn't last....remember the vow of "For better, for worse"...He needs your prayers...Also carefully scrutinize yourself to know things about you that would send his attention to another woman...
    Some men are natural cassanovas and no matter how hard you toil...they only get worse...prayer still remains the best are loved...God can!

  2. Madam, sit down and talk to God, ask God if this is his plan for you in life. You have to draw closer to God because he is the only person that can bring you out of this situation since his parents cannot say something he will listen to. Challenge God in prayers to change this situation for you, fast and pray and you will be surprised about what God can do.

    My prayers for you is to post your testimony here soonest.
    Be blessed.


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