Saturday, August 1, 2015


Yippee! Hulla,
Hello, I'm certain you wish to know why I'm as exciting and excited about today.
Maybe you could guess but don't worry I'll tell you
I'm happy!!!
And I felt I could spread the virus to you with all love and gratitude.
Happy new month sweetheart, my prayers for you is that you shall soar beyond every turbulent and trying times and have every reason to rejoice and celebrate God's faithfulness!
I know happiness is a vast topic.
Today I'm not going to give you any definition of happiness because I'm pretty sure that you have one that you wish to share with me.

Marriage will crumble without happiness.
Relationship would be boring when we ain't happy.
We will not be effective in our work place if we ain't happy with our work and life.

Everything in life revolves around the state of your mind.
So dear do feel free to share with me what happiness in a relationship, marriage and life means to you.
I'm looking forward to sharing in your happiness.. Cos I have the feelings that you desire happiness on life.

But before I hear from you...
Let me share mine...

I'm happy because I'm loved by God...
Through it all, someone so kind, understanding, selfless, sincere and sweet loves me not because I'm so good but because He's delighted with me even when I feel he shouldn't have.

I'm happy because I am fulfilling God's purpose for my life and ministry. It may be insignificant but your testimonies and prayers gives me many reasons to give much more than I thought I could.

I'm happy because you love me, I mean why wouldn't I be when I know that you are always there to pray, support and sometimes sacrifice your time to make others find hope and happiness in life.

I'm happy because someone's life is being encouraged by the experiences of others, that your word of counsel is helping someone else avoid the loopholes of the enemy.

I am happy because of the rare privilege to be of help to you.

Not forgetting, I'm happy because I'm loved by someone who doesn't judge me by my errors but appreciate my intentions.
I'm loved by someone who doesn't work hard to change me but give so much to see me become better and brighter.
I'm happy because I have a companion and someone I could talk to when I need someone who is simply there to listen to my tales by the moonlight.

Wooow..  I can feel happiness all around me!
Let's let the world know what's happiness to you and what made you happy lately.

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