Sunday, August 2, 2015

He threatened to kill me!

Am a regular reader of your page, thanks for your good work, please I need your advice. 
I am married to my husband for a year, I met him five years ago I have always known him to be the selfish type but I taught he would change when we get married, but eventually it got worse, I love him more than he loves me.  
I put him first in everything I respect him alot, but now he has turned into something else, when I knew him he had nothing at all but now he is living large he had no respect for me as his wife, he is not always home. 
whenever I asked him anything politely he beats me up like am his child. He can talk to me anyhow anywhere, he only care about himself,  he doest care about my family at all if I receive my salary,  he collects it without giving me a dime. 
He doesn't believe that a wife should have her own savings, he doesn't allow me to make friends,  am always indoors 
When he goes out he help so many people but if I ask for his help financially,  he insults the hell out of me.  
Now he is threatening to kill me if I make attempt to leave the marriage, everyone around us thinks he maltreats me. 
Am so ashamed to go out, my problem now is that I love him so much but I can't bring up my child in this situation I want to quit the marriage but am scared he will kill me if I do so because he is very dangerous, and we are very far from home.  
It's like I have lost my peace I have been praying,  nothing is happening, he clubs,  he womanises, and he is too much into fashion he cares too much about what he put on. 
Sorry for long write up and grammatical errors please I need your advice notify when posted. Thanks.

Dear sender, 
Marriage wasn't ordained to be a torture zone or a burial preparation ground. 
God ordained marriage for companionship and prosperity of couple with great fulfilment and happiness as a reward. 
When you are feeling choked, bitter, exhausted and humiliated with the man who ought to protect your emotions, support you, provide the security and safety of your life and be there for you when you need someone who appreciates you, then you may need to take a walk so as to meditate and reevaluate your marriage and see what can be done either to salvage it or save your head and that of your children. 
No body has the authority to your life except God who made you so you cannot subject your head to death when you could run and save your marriage. 
Even if your home is far,please travel by the night so that you may reach your home in the morning. 
I feel your family need to have a word with him and some agreement reached to avoid lying in state for any reason. 
Please do not condone what will consume your life and leave your children with great pain and disappointment. 
You have to speak out and let someone know what you are experiencing before it will be too late for anyone to intervene. 
To start with, you need a place outside your husband's house to cool off and meditate on what's good for you and your children. 
Quitting your marriage may not be the best option now until you have explored every other avenue and there was no positive results. 
Whether he's selfish or not doesn't mean that he wouldn't provide the needs of his children when it's necessary. 
You need life to prosper in marriage, please do not gamble with your emotions and feelings and life, many women who did never lived to tell their own stories. 
Some were maimed for life and they only live in regrets. 
Abuse has no place in a relationship not to mention marriage. 

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  1. Nne u are living in bondage, I'll suggest u first of all report him to d nearest police station,then get everyone involved before leaving d bastard. One more thing,i don't think u love him like u said,ur just feeling pity on urself that no one can love u. Pls boast ur self confidence.


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