Sunday, August 2, 2015

Not comfortable with his gifts.

Good evening Aunty Amara and fans. 
Am in my middle 20 and also married my husband doesn't live with me,he comes back every weekend. 
I have a neighbour he is married with three children same with me, I think this my neighbour is making emphasis on me,the way he stares at me, call me on phone and even buy things for me if he is coming back sometimes,I wasn't comfortable with it so I decided to let my husband to be aware of it. 
I told him but he has been threatening to confront the man to warn him to stop calling nor buy things for me but I have been begging him not to do that,the man might claim that he was just trying to be a good neighbour which might be true or not. Please Aunty Amy and fans,what is your advice I begged him to wait for us to seek advice here first because he is number one fan of this group.  
Please sorry for my long write and grammatical error

Dear sender, 
When your husband comes back from his trip, he needs to go to the "kind hearted" neighbour of yours and appreciate him for all the gifts he has been buying for you and if possible do go with him. 
That should send some sensible message to him and his family if he has respect for your husband. 
Anytime he buys anything after the public appreciation, encourage him to always present it to your husband because you cannot receive his gift on his behalf. 
Those are the kind of neighbours that the devil uses to bring discord to a beautiful marriage. 
How many times has he bought gifts for you when your husband was at home and how kind that he does that when your husband is away. 
What impression is he really creating with such "gifts" that your husband cannot take good care of you or that you are not happy with him? 
To be candid with you, you need to keep your distance from such a neighbour for the sake of your marriage and the happiness of your husband. 
Let's be positive just as you suggested by appreciating his kind gesture towards your family.
Any subsequent gifts should be presented to your darling husband. 
I am happy the way you handled this with all maturity and wisdom and I pray that God will prosper and favour your home. 
All the best. 

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