Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Don't Love Him.

Good evening  ma'am, thank God for you and members of this honourable family. 
Please ma, am really confused here, of which I wanted to know if one can marry someone she doesn't love.. 
There was this guy that was so crazy and madly in love with me. 
Honestly I don't love him, I must tell myself the truth.  
I have tried loving him, I have prayed to love him but it's not working. 
Do you know because I refused picking this guy's call one of the days he called, after two days I saw him, he changed automatically looking sick,am talking about a 35 years old guy here. 
Frankly speaking I pity him.. Because I don't know if this is actually love or something else. Can I marry this guy like that without attraction and love? 
Will I love him later? 
Thanks and remain blessed
He even said he doesn't care if I don't love him, that I will love him later ...
How possible is that ma....?

Dear sender, 
You only succeeded in telling me what you don't love but you didn't mention why you didn't love him or what you truly love or need in a man and a relationship. 
Of course nobody will force you to marry a man you do not love or feel attracted to but dear lady, always remember that a precious gold is never attractive nor lovely until it's refined. 
Also remember that what you may love and be attracted to may truly not be what you need and what will make you happy. 
And please do not forget that the man with money can only tell what he truly appreciate by paying for it. 
If I were you, I wouldn't feel pity for him but I would seek the face of God and pour out my heart to him. 
Because I know that I do not have a voice of my own nor a choice of my own, I would plead for his grace and wisdom to guide me from making the wrong decision in my marriage. 
I would accept his choice over mine because I know that at the end of the day, I would be happy, fulfilled and healthy with his choice for me. 
What you love is what you appreciate over time and the values that you have placed your heart on from your childhood till date. 
Whether you will love him later on in life depends solely on your decision to let go of what you think you needed and embrace all that God has blessed you with. 
Please do go back to the drawing board and this time around add prayers to telling yourself the truth. 
The reason is because many women have been in your shoes and most of them regretted why they left their gold for a piece of a shiny stone. 
Please pray and be convinced, then make your decision and stand by it. 
I know that God is able to meet you at your point of need but what I cannot tell is what his promises for your life is. 
Please do not be in a haste to write him off until you have gotten convictions about him. 
All the best. 

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