Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Family Doesn't Like Him Update.

Recall the earlier publication on "My Family Doesn't Like Him (Read here) 
Here's an update on the mail.  Dear I feel like killing myself cos the heart break is much.
My family has refused taking back the dowry (#150) to him and I cannot go to court cos my ex ran with the wedding certificate.
Today my brother called my unborn child a curse and called me an infidel,after I have waited for three years without him asking of me.
Facebook's pictures proved he has moved on with his life.
Amy,my family has rejected and humiliated my fiance.
Are Yorubas really that bad?
I can't have my baby without the father cos that's what they are suggesting.
None of them has asked me how am fairing with the pregnancy.
Help me,am confused,what do I do now.
Dear sender, 
Let's take this one step at a time. 
You are an adult and not a baby girl. 
You are pregnant and your major focus should be on your pregnancy and not who said what. 
If possible, do give your family some space so that you can attend to your need and prepare for the arrival of your baby. 
When you must have delivered safely, then you will make efforts to visit the family of your ex husband and have some discussion with them and plan on how to return their money to them. 
Nobody will remove the baby in your womb no matter what they said or how they feel about your decision so stop panicking as though your life depends on their nose. 
Take some breath off your family and make your decisions on what you truly need. 
When the bride prize has been returned successfully, then you may go ahead to marry who you love irrespective of their opinion. 
If the family of your husband refuses to collect the dowry, then you may approach the church authority for some documents pertaining to your wedding and I'm certain that they will give you something you could use to nullify the marriage. 
Please do not let worries and the opinions of your family make you to lose your stability and your baby. 
All the best dear. 

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