Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Don't Trust Him Anymore.

Happy sunday madam, thanks for your good works I have learnt a lot from this page. 
Am 29 years old lady married to a man of 33 years. Am married for two years with a son. My husband is Godfearing,loving,caring, humble, cooks meal at times with all pleasure, takes care of his family needs, just to mention a few. 
I thought I married a saint, little did I know he was a cheat, and a predender. 
I checked his phone recently and saw sex chat messages to different girls, and how he has been going out on date,after work. 
I also saw condoms in his wallet, I was shocked to my bone marrow, because I never expected such a thing from my husband. 
I confronted him, and he gave series of explanations and later apologised. 
For peace to reign I forgave him. Madam to be honest with you I find it difficult to forget, and the love and trust I onces had for him has gone.
Thanks a lot.

Rebuilding a broken trust remains the most difficult task of all races in the universe. 
No matter how you may wish to forget the past, the thoughts of your husband's betrayal would always stare in your mind and remind you of your convictions that was destroyed. 
This becomes extremely painful when you try to rebuild the broken walls with your hands and efforts. 
This is where you need God's grace to forgive your husband and accept him completely into your life. 
He has erred and messed up his body just as we all have erred and messed up our bodies before God. 
Are we deserving of God's love? Never, just as no partner is deserving of the love of the other after cheating. 
But if such a person genuinely repents and commits himself to his marriage and his wife, I know that God will restore the broken trust and heal the wounds that such attitude created in the home. 
This was why marriage was likened to the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church. 
While forgetting may not be immediate, accepting him back is possible with the grace of God. 
Please do not look at his errors of the past and judge him instead look at him as a man who the devil is striving so hard to pull out of your home so that he can destroy his destiny and reduce him to rubbles. 
It looks ordinary that a married man would be cheating but the painful truth is that they truly need help and healing because most often than not, the devil ends up tearing them apart, making them unable to invest in their home and children. 
They feel that tasting varieties of women makes them real men but unknown to them that it was the enemy's ploy to render their lives hopeless and purposeless. 
Cheaters need more love and compassion really because they truly wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the devil himself whose desire is to exploit their area of weakness and destroy them with it. 
God sent you to him to help him overcome this phase of his life and help him return back home. 
Please forgive him and support him in the ways possible for you at this time. 
It's my prayers that God will give you the grace to help your husband and guide your family to the heights that God has ordained for you. 
Please do not give up now that he needs you more, but continue to intercede for him in your prayers while you encourage him in any way possible. 
Marriage is a divine mandate, one that has a lot of battles and challenges to contend with but we have the assurance that God is always with us to help us overcome the ploys and devices of the enemy. 
All the best dear. 

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  1. Forgiveness is a process. Give yourself time to heal from the pain and then you can embark on the process of forgiveness


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