Sunday, August 2, 2015

I find it hard to trust him!

Good morning Aunty Amara , God bless you real good. l have been married for the past ten months now.
My hubby cheated on me two months into the marriage, I saw some nude pictures he was exchanging with his ex.
Ever, since then Its been hard for me to trust him. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and see he was last seen online at past 2am, I wonder who he was talking to, cos it can't be work.
I am tired of talking to him it. Aunty, please help me. I don't want my marriage to fall and I don't want to do anything that will be a sin before God cos its really hurting.
My hubby always seem to have answers to everything. Please help me.

Dear sender, 
I feel your pains and I will not pretend that it is hurting to see the man you love share nude pictures with another. 
I'm trying to figure out what he thought he's doing with such a lady. 
Is there someone who you feel he could listen to and greatly have respect for? 
Is there someone who can talk to him and also understand your pains without being biased? 
I feel that you may need that approach to help him focus on his family. 

Ten months is too early for this kind of challenge and on your part you need to sit up spiritually and get it right with God. 
I may not know how or what your honeymoon looks like but you need to step up your game in your home front. 
Find out those secret fantasies that he desire and make out time for your husband in a special way. 

For now, please if it is possible, do forget about his phone or any electronic device of his, that's not who you got married to. 
You got married to a man and please do your best to keep his phone out of your home so that you do not crush your home with some things that you may read or see in his phone. 
Whether he decides to live in the social media shouldn't be your worries but please do not let it affect your intimacy as long as you are married to him. 

Communicate always with him and celebrate him as much as you desire. 
Since he's a media husband,you may use the media to always let him know how much you love and cherish him. 
Share your pictures and tag him in it. Write an update and tag him in it and sometimes send him messages that will get him thinking about home. 

You do not need to strive to trust him rather entrust him to God almighty with prayers. 
Pray for your marriage, I know that you must have heard of this before. 
It may not seem to make sense to many but most of the challenges that couples face is a testament to the devil's desire to destroy marriages and homes. 
This is because the home is the strongest tabernacle of God. 
A home is a place where God dwells and most times the devil strives to crush the home by distracting the partners so as to weaken the bond and at the end destroy the home. 
Pray because most husbands have good intentions but were distracted by the pleasures of sin. 
Pray because your husband is fighting a serious battle with the enemy and most times he needs the help of his wife to overcome. 
They look like they're in charge but they're just like babies who boast of how they could fly but end up crashing should there be no one to prevent and protect them. 
Pray for him and know that the bedrock of your marriage is dependent on your knees and not your worries. 
Please pray for your husband and use your prayers to bring him back home. 
Before he leaves, pray with him, when he's sleeping, pray for him, when you notice any abnormalities, pray with him. 
And you will see your husband melt into your arms. 
Men who fear God never joke with a praying wife. 
In fact they run to their wives whenever they have any mission to embark on. 
This is the time to take up the mantle of faith and love and call upon the mighty rock of ages to intervene. 
With much prayers come greater Victory and lovely home. 
I join my faith with your to call forth your husband home in Jesus name amen. 
It is well with you dear. 

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