Sunday, August 9, 2015

Is it Safe for a Pregnant Woman to Engage in Sex?

Madam thanks for all your good works.  You have really built so many people's home. 
May God continue to build and protect your home on solid foundation in Jesus name amen... 
Madam I need your advice am afraid I might lose my unborn child through hot sex. 
Each time I want to make love to my pregnant wife she will roll me over and start romancing me, I hate to see her go through such stress,but she preferred and enjoyed doing it while on top of me not minding her state. 
Sometimes I use to consider her pregnancy and stop touching her cos am afraid with the way she was going about it.
Here is my question ma is it safe for a pregnant woman to engage in serious romantic act during love making or I should just go into her beautiful world direct?
I have heard cases where women loses their baby through beating,or stress somehow as far as am concerned there's no difference.
Am afraid oo I don't want any complications during child birth.

Dear husband, 

Do you know that good sex and romance is good for your wife during pregnancy and it's even better for your baby? 
A pregnant woman needs sex to keep her hormones in check, she needs sex to help her growing baby and lubricate her cervix. 
Engaging in romance also will help her relax and enjoy the growing baby and her changing body. 
One of the greatest concerns of a pregnant woman is her changing body and her attractiveness to her husband. 
So the more you show her how much you cherish her growing tummy and flappy breast, the happier and fulfilling she would be. 
Be gentle with her body and allow her to get satisfaction the way she crave for it. 
I'm certain you don't wish to have a pregnant wife who will slap you as a result of hormonal surge in her body. 
When sliding into her beautiful world, reduce the pace and focus more on how happy she is. 
Communicate with her during the session and find out what she needs at that period of time.
Spoon, 69 positions are awesome for a pregnant woman. 
The first and second trimesters of pregnancy for some ladies is the best time for them to enjoy sexual intimacy the most. 
While in the third trimester becomes time she would probably slow down in her demands. 
I don't think you should be worried about her sexual demands but simply give her all the attention and care she needs now. 
Where she would need more support would be in house chores and home activities. 
If it's possible, let her be on some form of bed rest so as to minimise the pressure on her cervix and her body too. 
Assist her in shopping, cooking and taking care of your home so that she can rest her body when she need to. 
If you are not comfortable with her demands, you may as well visit your doctor for more counselling on that. 
I wish her safe delivery. 

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