Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Son is in Pain

Good day madam please I need your advice and the advice of my esteem people out there.
Early this year I rushed my daughter to the hospital and spent hundred and sixty thousand naira treating her due to the carelessness of my wife.
I was at work that day when they called me that my wife left hot water on the table right in the sitting room,went into the kitchen to pick something and my little daughter of four went there and poured it all over her,when I came back I wept for her cos she was going through pains. 
Even the doctors wanted to arrest us for child abuse but I pleaded with them. Up till now the scars are still there even though it has healed.
Let me believe that was a mistake just last night I came back to find my son in the same hot water state,and this time she (my wife) didn't tell me about it, despite that I called her three time before coming home.
When I got home all his hands has been burnt and she claimed she was sleeping inside her room and her younger sister plugged hot water in the sitting room and went to bath not knowing that he will go there and bath himself with it.
Since yesterday I have not slept, I couldn't even go to work today. 
It took the intervention of God to control my temper if not I would have done the unthinkable to her.
As am typing this post am holding my son in my arms and wishing this whole pain can just transfer to me cos he is going through a lot.
Am thinking of sending my kids to my mom or sister to take care of them for me since they are not secured with their mother at home, how can a woman be this careless for God sake. 
I just don't know what to do to if I knew something bad will happen I gave them serious instruction before leaving the house, that whenever they plug a phone charger they should always remove it after use, because a child can just go there and put the terminal in his/her mouth,not knowing that something else is about to happen. 
Hmmmm  please what should I do am fed up with her. I love my wife and kids very well and I don't want to be separated from them but the way things are going I don't have a choice.
I might one day come home and God forbid faces the worst.

To be candid with you, your mail broke me down for many hours. Burns is a terrible accident that makes the strong weep and shake helplessly, how much more tender children. 
It's a critical challenge, one that need desperate measures to avoid inflicting unnecessary pains in the lives of your children. 
I would suggest that you discuss your worries and fears with your wife and let her know that you would need to take some drastic decisions to protect the health of your children. 
Sending them to your sister or mum would have been the best option but I am worried that they may lack the parental guidance and support that they need at the tender age of their lives. 
In as much as your wife may have been terribly careless with the way she overlook her children and home, maybe she need someone to assist her with her responsibilities depending on her daily routine and extreme laws needs to be implemented for the safety of your children especially now that they are curious to touch, eat and play with anything. 
Drugs, electrical appliances, hot objects, sharp objects, chemicals and anything that may make them to climb up beyond the control and get injured must be kept beyond their reach. 
Getting extra hands and being extremely careful with what the adults expose to their reach will greatly help to checkmate accidents like this one. 
I understand how bitter and painful this must have been for you and how much you have spent in taking care of your children. 
I know that you had every justifiable reasons to feel like beating your wife and subsequently divorce her but please do not tow that path not because you don't have the right to your feelings but because she needs your help to overcome her weaknesses. 
She's only a lady who has good intentions but confronted with some flaws which I want to believe that she's working hard enough to overcome. 
Please forgive her and reconsider your love and selfless commitment to helping her to become a virtuous woman. Please do not push this beyond your room as it may paint your wife and marriage in a negative light. 
There're many challenges couples never reveal to any third party, not because they were easy to tackle but because the impact of a third party most times destroy the home instead of restoring the sanity of the home. 
You have all you need to manage her excesses and weaknesses and I am very hopeful that she would definitely sit up and take responsibility for the safety, security and the health of your children. 
Please do not act out of anger and destroy all that you have laboured for over the years. 
Please be encouraged by God's Word and mercy to have saved them from something that could have taken their life. 
I am sincerely praying for their quick recovery and I believe that the scars will fade away with time. 
It's well with you and your family. 

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  1. So sad my dear, some women are careless both in the house and outside. Please do not send her packing, you have to sit her down and talk to her base on this issue and her carelessness, give her the last warning but remember your kids needs you and your wife. #Ella


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