Sunday, August 23, 2015

She Wants My Wedding Postponed.

Good evening sister Ami, as well as her fans.
Am a follower of this page. Thanks for your time and advice (Click Here) for her previous mail. 
I need your advice again.

The month has been fixed for my wedding by my fiancé and I(two months from now) which my mum agreed to.
But now, she wants it postponed Indefinitely for reasons that she doesn't want me to always have my way. 
That all the years, I have always had my way, but this time, she wants to have her way.
She wants it postponed till God knows when, and she is saying that if at all I must get married to the guy, she has to be the one to TELL US WHEN to do it. ( meaning it has to be her terms) 
Note: We are the one footing the bills for the wedding oh, not her.
Though that didn't go down well with me, but you know ,I can't fight her, she has been a good mother to my siblings and I all the while.
Now my fiancé is saying he will not let that be, and that if the wedding plans exceeds the planned day, he will back out from the relationship .
We are both Christians including my mum.

We are both adults, old enough to settle down.
Kindly notify me When this is posted.

Best regards.

I had to make reference to your previous mail to enable you maximise every time and privilege that you need to manage this very sensitive issue. 
I appreciate your mum for her commitments to seeing you prosper and be happy in life. I feel that she doesn't want you to suffer in life which I'd why she's making every necessary efforts to make sure you get nothing but the very best. 
But I must be very sincere with you here, if the reason for postponing your wedding date  be because she wants to be the boss of your marriage and home, then it's very painful, selfish and insensitive of her to frustrate you and your partner. 
Make no mistake about this, no man no matter how poor or small he may be would tolerate such audacious intimidation from an in-law all because he desire to get married to a lady. 
I know that she loves and cares about you but this? I have different view about her intentions for wanting to postpone the wedding and I feel that it may never favour you at last. 
Please do well to schedule a meeting with your partner and your mum in the presence of your pastor so as to trash this out and resolve it once and for all. 
Heeding to your mum's instructions will definitely push your partner out of your reach and I am afraid if he may ever have the desire to marry you. 
You need both wisdom, patience and some persuasion to let her know that you are not confused about what you need in life nor do you need anyone to make decisions for your own journey in life and marriage. 
Understanding that you cannot permit any third party to ruin your marriage will greatly help you to reap the benefits of matrimony. 
All the best dear. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. 
Thank you for your comments on the blog. 

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