Monday, August 24, 2015

My Wife Starves Me of Sex.

Hello madam. How are you?
I do view your interesting posts and I love them.
But please I need your advice.
My wife and I have two kids, does not allow me to make love nor kiss her for a year now. 
When I insisted,  she told me to go and sleep with other girls or if possible to marry outside.
She said cos she was not working and that it has affected her sex drive.
But I keep wondering cos in my view we are only less than four years into marriage and that our kids were born within these years so I do think its too early to judge.
However, she prefers to do business even though I initially suggested she work as an employee of a private firm.
I have agreed to support her despite my financial difficulties especially due to some personal wrong business investment which I took bank loan to do that I was unable to raise enough capital to support her.
I even had to keep a deposit of the money to invest in the business with her as an assurance.
But she still prevented me from making love to her that she was not in the mood for as long as about a year? 
Infact I do commit masturbation which I even told her but she still doesn't bother. 
Please what could be so wrong that she refused to give in to me for such a long time. 
I fear that very soon I might lose interest in sex with her as a result of my psychological impact.
God bless you. Thanks

While there are some women who have very low sexual libido such that sex irritates them, I cannot categorically ascertain what the challenge of your wife is exactly. 
All I deduced from your mail was a lady who is bent on manipulating her husband to her own benefit and I am a bit worried because it is both unhealthy for your marriage and it's a grave signal that divorce may not be far from your home should she continue with such attitude without giving any tangible reasons or explanations for her decision to starve you of your sexual intimacy. 
Please discuss this in details with her and please do take her to your doctor for proper counselling and advice on the implications of her action. 
It is both wicked and selfish for any partner to starve another the sexual privileges that marriage beings. 
This requires urgent attention and not for you to masturbate and wallow in pains and regrets. 
Please do not just endure this, find out also what is responsible for her action to help you find the solution to her challenges and enjoy sexual intimacy with your wife.  
I would love to get more update on this. 

What's your thoughts on this? 
Please let me know by dropping your comments on the blog. 
Thank you. 


  1. Seriously am in awe. And sincerely I salute the poster, he really loves his wife and doesn't want to hurt her, but I just can't say same for his wife, wow! Over a year? Aunty amara you ve already given a candid advice which I may not really have the patience to give. Please sir, do well to take the advice into deep consideration.

  2. In a nutshell, there is a possibility that your wife has joined a lesbian cult, which is a recent trend for married women with kids, because her reason for starving you of sex, holds no water at all, so I will advise that you dig deep to ascertain the main reason for her insubordination..."There is definitely something in a tied bag" #enoughsaid

  3. Pls find out what the problem really is with ur wife cos the reasons u gave her do not hold water at all. U may still need to involve an elderly person she respects in this matter if she does not bulge. Pls take steps immediately to address this issue

  4. hmmmmm, o dikwa very risky ooo.Buh come to think of it , there may be other reasons to this, am thinking she might have discovered that she's got some terminal disease like AIDS or Hepatitis B etc and wouldn't want u to get infected and also not telling u cos she can't say what ur reaction u would be. Pls sit her down and talk to her in such away dat she wouldnt see sex as the issue but ur love 4 her and ur kids

  5. SHE is a selfish woman and a manipulator! i dont wana say she is cheating...too bad


  6. SHE is a selfish woman and a manipulator! i dont wana say she is cheating...too bad


  7. I suggest you secretly have your wife investigated, I feel she has lost love for you because unless your wife's heart is made of steel, if she loves you she can't deny you sex for even a month. Something is most definately wrong and I implore you to do your best to get to the bottom of it. If it is because you can not fund her business then I advice you take her advice and divorce her as such a woman may end up killing you

  8. If u treat ur wife badly, she won't feel anyhing for u. Women are affected by the emotions and vibes they get from their partner. And if u don't make her feel good, make her feel like she's appreciated by u, she won't give in to you. So u make ur bed, so u'll lie on it.

  9. i think she is having an affair, i remember dating wife of another man, she also ddint have sex with her husband!


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