Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Old witch" Update!

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Here's the twist on his perception of his girlfriend.
Good day ma,
Am the guy with issues posted twice this morning and yes my girl read them as i hoped and people you can't imagine what I found out this morning, am replying to give you all closure and also to vindicate my girlfriend. 
Firstly as I said my girlfriend left work to my place to explain myself, I got mad at her because I felt the only reason why she did so was because people thought the worst about her, and if I hadn't posted the case here she wouldn't have come clean.  
But that aside, the truth of the matter is; as I said my girlfriend visits my people to know how they are faring, so like she told me she went last month to see my mom, before going to my family house she called my mom but my mom's line was switched off but she went anyways because she was already enroute, so when she got to the house, she saw my mom with a younger guy in an awkward position, and I think I know the guy, my mom later called her that day and threatened to break us up if she says anything, as a smart girl she recorded the calls and text for a day like this, she actually caught my mom cheating on my dad, so that was why my girlfriend kept her distance and the hate she felt and also why my mom has been skeptical about my girl. 
Now that I know the truth I wished I had not pressed to know, some things are better left in the dark, am so sad, how do I tell my dad and siblings? 
How do I even face my mom without so much hatred, am so pained, my heart is broken, can't imagine how my dad will feel.

Dear sender, 
I know that this is a difficult pill for you to swallow but you have to be man enough to talk to your mother. 
Please do keep your dad out of this and discuss with your mum. 
Begin by making enquiries about what happened the day your girlfriend came to visit her. 
You are not to judge her or condemn her but to share your worries and concerns with her decision and choices in life. 
Listen to her and hear her out. Be patient with her and appreciate her for her sincerity. 
This is not time to regret but to be courageous enough to express your opinions about what you heard from your friend. 
That you have a clue of who the man could be is a testament to some of the things you kept quiet about. 
Though it's not a good impression to anyone but I don't feel your friend had an ulterior motive against your mum. 
On your part, you would need to bring your lady, and her your mother together and allow the dust to settle. 
None is perfect, we are all an embodiment of weaknesses with willing spirit for transformation. 
I believe this would definitely put your mum on her toes to live right and be a role model. 
Pray with her and pray for her always so that God will strengthen her and give her the grace to overcome her weaknesses. 

Dear fiance, 
I know you must have felt bad at what you saw and all she said to you. 
But if God Almighty could forgive us of our mess irrespective of how terrible we have been, who are we not to forgive others. 
Please do well to forgive her and please delete every recordings of that incident on your phone. 
No matter how terrible she may be today, God used her to bring your best friend and companion to this world and to you. 
Forgive her and when you are settled within your spirit, do visit her. 
Let's commend everything to God and pray for grace to be an ambassador of God's love and kindness. 
God bless you all. 
All the best. 


  1. And all I could think of after reading both stories is ''WOW''.

    I'm sorry if I might sound awkward right now but that act might not have been reason enough to refer your guy's mom as an 'old witch'.

    The best thing is to do what Mrs. Amara just suggested which is bringing your lady and your mum together for things to be sorted out because all have actually sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and your mum is human as well and not above sin.


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