Tuesday, August 11, 2015

She Seemed Adamant.

Good day Ma,
Please I need your advice. There is this girl I have been wooing for sometime and just lately she opened up to me about her past that she was in an abusive relationship, so we started becoming close and along the line we had a misunderstanding and out of the blues she blocked me from whatsapp started becoming irritated when I call her.
I have tried all I could to even plead with her and reconcile but she seemed very adamant and am so shocked.
She even told her friends that I just reminded her of what happened between her and her ex. I kept telling her that am not her ex, and it kept annoying me that she was comparing me to her ex.
Please advice me

N/B: What caused the quarrel was that along the line she started growing distant and I was bothered I kept on asking her what was wrong and she said nothing.
Then one day I saw a whatsapp message that was romantic in nature, she said the message was not for me.
I now asked her what was going on that I hate being led on, and the next thing she snapped at me, and started getting angry, and it has been like that since

Dear sender, 
When you add fresh salt to an open wound, well the story isn't always funny. 
What your girl is experiencing is the emotional pains of her past relationship. 
You are not the reason for her present reactions and she's yet to heal so entering into a new relationship may probably be out of pity or sheer courage to move on but within her, she's deeply hurt. 
Can you really wait for her? 
Can you cope with her dwindling emotional attitude? 
It will take great patience, understanding, love and selfless devotion to win her heart and sometimes it may not be palatable for you. 
If you can, then always give her love, attention, care, listening ear. 
Do not probe any further, be patient and discerning, help her in your own way. 
Even when she's misbehaving, ignore her and love her, give her so much love that she can't help but snap out of her pains and regrets. 
She is yearning for love and wishing you could prove her wrong that there are good men on earth. 
It's a journey that will help you understand a lady better and love her imperfect perfections. 
But if you feel that you cannot, then simply give her some space and time to heal so that she could decide what she needs. 
But in all do not push yourself into her or do anything that will reduce your self esteem. 
Any lady who makes you feel less than a man probably wouldn't be able to make you prosper as a man. 
All the best dear. 

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