Thursday, August 13, 2015

Women's Annoying Habits

This thing called bad habit has hindered a lot of pretty girls from getting married; it has made people lose great job opportunities. People have lost very dear friends all because of bad habits. I want us to look at those little foxes that spoil the vine. These are little aspects of our daily lives which we ignore but they either make or mar us. 

I see women trying to draw out their panties from the inner part of their buttock; this is a very timid thing to do. Don’t force yourself to wear a G-string if you are not used to it. I know sometimes, even when you wear the usual pant, you feel like it has shifted to one side, find a very private place to sort yourself out. 

What about panty lines? It's so disgusting seeing a woman dress up with those lines visible. You should always wear the right one for your dress type. Also make it a habit to take a proper look at yourself in the mirror before you step out of the house. It's advisable to have different kinds and shapes for your clothes. 

Some women wear
their brassiere for about a week before washing, this is absolutely wrong. Under no circumstance should you leave your bra unwashed after two days. Then your bra type; wear the right bra for your clothe. If you are wearing a t-shirt, please go for a t-shirt bra. There are specific bras for tank tops, sleeveless, and tube dresses. When you wear a very plain clothe, especially those light materials, it's often wrong wearing a lacy bra or one with very noticeable designs like lines; it doesn't look good under your plain dresses and tops. 
I will handle this as a topic under fashion and style.

Menstrual Odour
Why allow your colleagues at work know when you are menstruating? Recently a friend while complaining about his secretary said something that really got me feeling bad and I volunteered to help her out. He said, "Amara,why do women smell whenever they are  menstruating?" I tried to find out what he meant, then he said, “not all women but my secretary sometimes come into my office with a very foul smell, like it happens whenever she is menstruating”. Please learn to wash properly at all times and especially during your monthly period. Change your pad and tampons regularly during the day. 

What about women who urinate openly in public places? This is a very big disgrace to womanhood. If you are a real woman, there are things you can never be caught doing. What are you thinking about when you stop by the road side to urinate? Please, please, stop it.

Hair Covering
It could be as a result of religion or culture, but my dear, you must find a way to keep your hair clean. I have friends who cover their hair, but still very neat; it's never an excuse to be dirty. And for those of you who go about with thick satin and velvet materials on the head, please consider the climate. Your husband may not tell you, but the man is tired of perceiving the unpleasant odour that comes from your hair when he tries to cuddle at night. This is why he turns to face the wall leaving you miserable. You should smell good day and night, from head to toe. 

What about hair extensions and braids? African women are the ones guilty of this. You have been made to believe that your hair texture is coarse and unacceptable and so you must do it their way. My darling, you are beautiful and your hair is beautiful. All you have to do is take good care of your hair. You can fix extensions for a change, but never find yourself unable to attend  an event or go to work without extensions; that's mental slavery.  I don't know about you, but I wash my hair every week or at least, twice monthly. Your scalp needs the treatment and your pores need to be free to do their work. If you can't afford the money to change your extensions or take care of them when regularly, you shouldn't wear one. Some now take care of extensions more than their natural hair. You bought if for $1000, your natural hair is priceless. 

Use of Telephone
I still prefer and feel it is still a better option having your phone mostly on vibration whenever you find yourself in a public place. Save people the stress of your loud ringtones. We don’t want you indirectly telling us you just got jilted. We don’t want you telling us you are very dedicated to your faith. If you must let your phone ring, it should be for your ears only.

Some ladies shout in the name of receiving calls. Please save the gist for whenever we ask for it. We don’t want to know what new ride your boyfriend or husband just got you. We don’t want to know your next holiday destination. Some do it more when they have other ladies around them. Hey; don't always believe them, you may be shocked to know that there was nobody on the other end. 
Let me also tell you that your caller tune says so much about you. Be very careful in your selection of a caller tune. 

Unfortunately, some ladies have lost what makes them women. It is sad when you see women laugh out so loud in public places; this is unladylike. You should talk, walk, laugh, and carry yourself with so much dignity and feminine glory. I still believe life is more beautiful when there is a difference between men and women. 
It is also unladylike to tell people to "chop knuckle". It makes you look like one of those street girls. 

Okay; this guy saw you and got attracted, either for business, friendship, or for a relationship. He invited you out on a date and you accepted. But before the day, you called your partners in crime to tell them about this rich dude whose money must be spent. What advice do they have to offer? "C'mon babe, suck him dry". Like seriously? The guy has his money and he wants to spend it; you can only make a mess of yourself. 

Girls now see dates as a means to eat everything they have never eaten. Some even go the extent of ordering what they know nothing about. Don't tell the guy how you ate it in that restaurant by the sea; simply tell him you feel like trying something new. Don't make him pay for the most expensive item on the menu only for you to discover you don’t like the taste. Why live a life of pretense, trying to be what you are not? Why put you through the pain of going for a date only to be seen hours late in a nearby kiosk trying to stuff a loaf of bread, butter and sachet milk in an undersized handbag.

Hey; some of the reasons girls now move about with big tummies are wrong diet and alcohol consumption. You eat too much, without control because it's free food. Nri Awoof dey kill (free food kills). You go on different dates, you can even do two in one day; pity yourself. 

This other habit of always buying extra to take home is wrong. The guy invited you and he knows how much it costs in that very restaurant; stop asking for extra because you don't know if it's comfortable for him. And always asking for extra shows you are a hungry girl with no knowledge of simple etiquette. Also note that the guy must not pay for dates. As a lady, I made sure I paid for dates whenever I invite my male friends out; it makes them respect me more. 

You can toast up your lungs, who cares! But smoking when on a date, especially the first few dates, is unacceptable.

You are invited for a date and there you go with a support group, in this hard economic times? The guy budgeted for two only for you to appear at the place with your senseless friends. I once introduced a lady to a friend and just the first date, everything went sour. The guy called me up at midnight to express his dissatisfaction with the girl. He told me how she packed her cousins for their date. Girl, let those your friends and relations stay off your date, it’s strictly for two.

It's good to live and enjoy your life, but it's wrong to do so at the expense of your family and future. Some ladies can never be found at home, they work Monday to Friday and on Saturday, they are off to one party. It's good to celebrate with friends, but my dear, don't make it a habit. We see people who pick up the phone to call friends just to find out where the next party is happening. They didn't invite you; they don't even know you, but you must always find a way to know who knows them. What a shame. 

Now at the party, what do we see? We now see women getting drunk. We see them open beer bottles with their teeth and drink like there's no tomorrow. Some attend parties with extra bags to pack drinks and food; what are you thinking? Then it's time to dance; oh dear, you see women dance without shame and respect for themselves. 

What happens next after the party? A man you just met at the event is taking you away for the night. Do I blame you? Sometimes you don't even know you are there because alcohol has taken over. 

Playing Hard to Get
This is the 21st century. Playing hard to get is no longer in vogue. If you like that guy coming to you, go for him, no pretenses please. I am not saying you make yourself so cheap for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But don’t go on pretending not to be interested in him. Don't go on playing by the old rule that tells you to wait for him to call 10 times before returning his call. He may not wait for that long. Show him you are a jewel, but playing the 70s hard-to-get does not work for every guy.

You have so much time on your hands that you know what goes on in everyone's life; you need deliverance. You know when your neighbour gets battered by the husband and when the man brought a girl home. You are the radio in your community. You move about aimlessly with your useless friends, looking for vulnerable women whose homes you must destroy. Learn to mind your business. If that issue has nothing to do with you; push it aside and face your life.  


  1. And this is where i lift my hat for you..Every lady, both married and unmarried needs a copy of this super antidote of a're blessed madam

  2. May God continue to bless you richly in every aspect of your life.Amen

  3. Thank u very much for sharing this.

  4. Chinyere Iroanya UzoukwuAugust 14, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    This is beautiful! God bless you Amara. These days, we have more females than ladies. Only a lady or one who has shame will care about these things. Some will tell you after reading this that they don't know how to pretend or "form". They call good manners and etiquette "forming". Parents (especially) mothers, have failed in this regard. Mothers should teach daughters how to speak (including tone of voice), sit (even when they are putting on pants/trousers), carry themselves (even in the face of provocation), both at home and in public. Kudos!

  5. Good one here ma'am..
    Well done.

  6. Well done. I especially love the part about playing hard to get when is all clear that you are loving this person.

  7. Aunty Amara bravo. Love you so much.

  8. If it were in the Greek days, you should have been a goddess. Wow! You three much. Ah! In short, muaaaaaaaaaah!

  9. Thought-provoking, enlightening and didactic! Thumbs up ma'am!

  10. Nice one Ma, u are an epitome of God'grace. Keep the flag flying!


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