Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do Ladies Have Ministries?

Good evening Aunty Amara. Please is there anything like a woman in ministry and that she NEEDS to marry a pastor (a preaching pastor like her mentor told me)?
Three years ago while in a national church program, I saw a beautiful girl who caught my attention. This was during worship session so I had to stop worshipping for a while so I could admire her a little. I inquired from the people she was interacting with and got the state and chapter she came from. It happened to be the state I did my university. I eventually located her and started interacting with her. She asked if I was in line to be a pastor and I answered no that I am not a pulpit pastor but that as a christian I am a pastor whose church is the business world. She said ok that we will see. It later happened that there was a pastor in her life. She later sent me an sms that there is someone in her life that she would not want to waste my time.
I left her after refusing to take no for an answer for a while.
Few weeks back I ran into her in church because I have relocated to the city where she is resident. I was surprised that she was not married yet. She gave me green light and I asked her out. She agreed and we started talking again. After going out on a date, I noticed she was not responding well so I allowed her be. I started socialising with another lady in church.
One certain day, I called her to ascertain our stand before I make any commitment to the new girl am socialising with. I asked for a yes or no answer so I could move on but she asked that we spend time to get to know each other as she had not really known me on a personal level. She said that she doesn't know my vision in life to know if we are going the same direction.
We started dating again and I got to know from her that genotype was the reason she didn't end up marrying the pastor. She insisted that I go for genotype test even though Itold her that I am an AA and I did.
After a while, I noticed the said pastor still had serious influence on her but I didn't mind.
About last three weeks she started withdrawing after she told me that she has not gotten a go ahead order in her spirit.
I laughed and told her that I have received my own go ahead order.
Just a couple of days back, I spoke with her mentor who I knew years back and found out what I thought was the issue.
She told me that the lady is a ministry lady and that she needs to marry a preaching pastor. A pulpit pastor. She asked if I am one and I said no.

Every individual in life has a ministry whether male or female. 
It has nothing to do with what the pastor or prophet said. 
Just as every individual has a passion, hobbies and skills that they admire, so does every individual have a ministry that God has assigned to him or her for the rest of his /her life. 
Understanding this will greatly help a partner to know who will be of great help to his or her ministry or purpose in life. 
There are some who can comfortably and conveniently pray for Hours without getting tired while there are some who can worship without limitations and so are there some whose ministry is to preach and teach for Hours without feeling weak. 
There are ladies who will function in full capacity when they get married to a lawyer while there are those whose ministry is with leaders.
But being able to discern what an individual's ministry is remains one of the best ways to enjoy your marriage because this will limit a lot of struggles, minimise competition and help couples bond together with ease, understanding and wisdom. 
While I cannot delve into this lady's mail for lack of some detailed information, I only want you to know that every lady must not marry any man all because he came to offer marriage for her. 
She needs to understand the calling of the man, align it with hers, in a situation where his calling isn't the same with hers and she cannot give up her calling for that of her husband, then she will have to bid him goodbye. 


  1. Also please close your eyes and concentrate when worshiping or praying to know. Leave her alone and fall in love with other people.


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