Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are there Godly Ladies these Days?

Good day ma, I'm so blessed to have been part of your page and I have found solace in the way you encourage and give moral support to issues. 
I'm Wale by name,will be 30 on the 27th December this year and just graduated. 
My love life has experienced much hurt and despise. No matter how much I tried to love a lady I genuinely wanted to settle down with,the end wasn't so palatable. 
My ex girlfriend had changed my orientation about the way I see ladies (the ones who appear decent). 
She so much disappointed me by sleeping with a married man who had four children and this was a lady I starved,went to the extreme for so that she can be comfortable at least with her immediate needs. 
Her mum was the one who broke the news to me because I know she dare not stand in front of me and unleash such. 
We dated for two years and ten months. I have been finding it so hard to love again and I still doubt if there are Godly ladies around nowadays. 
Kindly advice me ma. God bless your family. 

In times of pains and disappointment we often feel that the world is without sunshine nor any ray of hope. 
This sometimes may make us question things and their existence or make us lose hope in believing that we can actually get the best even though there are some counterfeits around. 
I perfectly appreciate your pains and disappointment about this lady in particular and this only shows how vulnerable anyone can be especially when you do not prepare your heart to grow in love and understand the essence of loving an imperfect being. 
Nobody will condone her attitude to you but understanding that as miserable as you felt that she truly do need some help will help you appreciate the imperfections of humanity. 
We are only saved by his grace and mercy and could have done worse than you may have possibly thought of or imagined. 
There are tons of Godly women and many of them abound around you and on the page but sometimes our criteria for the identification of the particular lady who has the virtues and the qualities that you desire in life is what determines to a large extent the kind of lady you are attracted to. 
Some men love the hips and some the lips, others admire the boobs and many crave for some bed encounter which most times becloud their sense of necessity and purpose in their relationship and life. 
Some men can give their all to get the attention of a pretty face and nice voice with no attitude and daily you see them cry with great regrets for making such a decision. 
Unfortunately all the those things add nothing to the happiness and fulfilment that a man crave for and this makes me worry what some men truly need. 
Before you conclude that there are no good ladies, maybe you should review what you look out for. Examine the kind of values that you appreciate generally in life and also take a look at where you look for your partner and what motivates you to date a lady. 
One salient reality is that a bad individual cannot hide his or her personality no matter how they may fake it or how many prophesies you may receive on his or her life. 
What I will suggest is that you take a journey through your failed relationship, learn a lesson or two and then prepare yourself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically for a friendship with Purpose. 
Don't rush anything, simply incubate your vision and take your time to build your vision. 
Always remember that a wrong partner or choice of wife will have a catastrophic effect on your destiny and purpose in life. 
It's rather better to make all the mistakes now and get it right before the Lord than to have a wonderful romantic relationship and horrible marriage. 
Like I said earlier, whether she's tall, beautiful, fleshy or curvy doesn't count, what truly counts is her relationship with God, her vision in life, her attitude to life and others, and her passion to support you and help you prosper in all your endeavours. 
You need peace of mind much more than pretty babies, you need fulfilment more than a figure eight in your bed. 
While you watch out for the kind of lady that you desire, pray that the Holy spirit will open the eyes of your heart to see the things that you may never understand and pray that God will guide your footsteps to the lady he has prepared for your destiny and fulfilment in life. 

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  1. Dear good man, your question is not out of place because even good women wonder if there are still good men.

    A lot of women stay put with a man, investing both finances and emotions to see it work and at the end they are deceived, lied to and betrayed.

    In my opinion from past experiences, God allowed the Israelite to go through the wilderness to show forth His glory.... In a short while you will look back and rejoice for where God will establish you.

    You don't have to change your good opinion of women, keep an open mind and believe that that woman for you is out there.... Only a matter of time and you locate her. Shalom


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