Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Would that Have Saved the Relationship?

Good day ma, My godmom prescribed this page to me and I will like to share my story, l was in a relationship before I was posted to serve in another State, Abuja Precisely. 
My boss happened to request that I join him on an unofficial job outside, he tried seducing me but I never gave in to having sex with him. I will admit that I allowed him lay his hands on me but nothing beyond that happened. 
One morning I told my fiance while I was trying to pray but couldn't connect to God that there was a strong conviction in my heart to tell him about what happened and amidst tears, I did. 
Well, that changed everything and he called off everything that was planned. 
Prior to this, he said his mom was given prophecies that the marriage would not work and that I'm an agent of darkness and a day before that, his mom's best friend had knelt down before him that he should listen to his mom and let me go. All these I didn't know of until I told him the truth about what ensued between me and my boss. 
Now everything has changed, he sometimes acts like he doesn't even know me in church, he claimed it's not what his mom said or what I did but what God said. He claimed God wanted us to be just friends and not couples. 
I have tried over and over again to gain closure on this matter and everyone said that I should not have told him such things. I thought I was doing what was best for my relationship since I had nothing to do with the man and my fiance was my best friend that I didn't hide nothing from. 
If I had kept quiet, would that have saved my relationship? Should I have kept quiet? 
Don't know if I should just move on and let it go. 

Because the Holy spirit lead you to do what you did, please do not listen to what men have to say about this. 
Marriage wasn't meant for the perfect individuals who use every mistakes and vulnerabilities of another to judge and destroy their reputation in the name of what God said. 
If he has never looked at another lady lustfully, then he should prepare to get married to Jesus Christ because we all are striving to become like him and daily seek for his grace and mercy to remain steadfast and faithful to his word. 
My joyjoy was that you listened to the Holy spirit and not the opinions of men so whatever decision he takes today wouldn't be surprising or strange to say the least. 
In fact every relationship ought to have some sort of test, trials and challenging moments to ascertain the spiritual maturity and capacity of your partner and also know his or her limitations. 
Before you take a definite decision about this, call him and have some time with him to discuss the future of the relationship. 
When you are done, if you are comfortable with the idea, send his number to me to follow up on this and then suggest what's best for you to do. 
But have this at the back of your mind that all things work together for your good. No matter what, you are greatly treasured by heaven and I sincerely appreciate your personality. 
Hold unto God and be hopeful for the very best. 


  1. All things works together for your good. This whole thing is happening for your own gud.
    At least it is now clear to you that he doesn't trust u. And trust is very important in a relationship. So my dear see it from a positive angle for you can not be disadvantaged for listening to the holy spirit. Infact you needed to know aspect of him. Cheer up.

  2. u are looking at this issue from his perspectives n not yours,maybe God wanted to let you see his weakness before u make that final leap,look at d positives u ve got your conscience intact.


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