Saturday, October 24, 2015


Fraud, fraud, fraud! They jump from one woman to the other on FB. They engage five different women at once. They chat dirty with you just the way they chat with ten others. They tell you to send nude pictures just the way they tell ten others. They tell their virtual mother to call her daughter-in-law just the way she calls all her daughters-in-law. Their mother gets hospitalized for cancer and kidney disease everyday. They ask you to visit them just the way ten others visit.

A good number of these guys talking marriage up and down are not even thinking if marriage. Those who want to be married are getting married without stories.

And guys, these girls get their partners in crime to call you from their bedroom telling you they are hospitalized. Sometimes, they call you with a different voice. They claim to be stranded in a strange land. They claim to be in school as orphans. These are all lies. They tell ten other guys the same thing they tell you. As they chat with you, they are chatting with five others and telling you all the same thing. And for so many, the pictures on their wall are not theirs. Even when you ask them to send you those nude pictures, their new strategy is to get someone's picture across to you. Even some of those you chat with are guys like you. The foolish you falls for all these nonsense.

Wisdom is profitable. Beware!

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