Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why is She Checking His Facebook Account?

Hi Amara, am in a bad mood right now. I got married last year. I just found out that my so called wife still log in to her ex boyfriend Facebook account.
She still has his Facebook password. I had noticed one strange email address in her facebook logging pot but she lied to me that it was her colleague in the office that used her phone to log in to his Facebook.
As I caught her this evening, she admitted that she lied to me, that she has been logging in to his Facebook account but she doesn't have any feelings for him again.
Amara please if she doesn't love that guy, why is she still checking his Facebook?
Note- she has my Facebook password and am using hers to send this message.

Dear wife, 
I may not understand why you had to lie to your husband because of your ex. 
It sounds ridiculous that the man you vowed to be open to had to investigate and enquire before you could tell him the truth. 
Sincerely you are playing with your marriage and it's not something you should do as a virtuous woman. 
Let's assume that you had no feelings for him and that you simply cannot forget about the password, why then do you have to lie about it or make your husband feel worried or threatened by the password? 
The truth is if you had to lie about it and to also hide it from your husband, then you may have some evil intentions with your ex. 
I am sorry for being harsh but I would not spare you because Facebook is nothing that should bring this kind of emotional torture in your marriage. 
Please desist from doing anything that makes you desire to hide it from your husband or lie to him. 
It may sound like nothing to you but it's wickedness and evil in the sight of God for a wife to be communicating with another and at the same time hide such from your companion. 
Set your heart free from every secret attitudes you may have indulged in to avoid creating cracks of mistrust and misunderstanding in your marriage. 

Dear husband, since she has confessed and apologised to you, please forgive her and allow her to take the corrections for her attitude. 
I believe that a word will help her make the best decision for her marriage and your happiness. 

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