Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm Confused, Please Advice Me!

Good pm Amara,I always appreciate and love your post,you have been a great source of inspiration to me,thank you. God bless you and your family.
Please ma,I need your advise,am in a relationship for over six months but not happy cos my guy never calls,text or hangs out with me claiming he was always busy and when I talked about it or asked him where this relationship was heading to he always said that I complain and nag too much for telling him why he never call or hang out with me.
He hasn't seen me since August and we are both in Lagos but he didn't see anything wrong still I says a nag.
About two weeks ago I met a older guy who is just a friend but always attentive to my needs,calls,text and always making me smiles and happy though the wife is in U.K but it feels like we have been together in ages. What do I do,am confused need advise.

If his wife lives on earth irrespective of how far or close she is to him, please desist from such a terrible friendship because the end of such may never favour you. 
He is married and has no business being nice, caring, loving and friendly to you. 
Since your partner sees you as a nag, and doesn't have the time and the freedom to be with you, call you and communicate with you. 
Since your partner hasn't defined the relationship nor has he cared to let you know his personality and vision in life, please kindly end the relationship with him and give your heart to a man who is emotionally ready and stable for a relationship and hopefully marriage. 
But do not have anything whatsoever to do with a married man even when they're pursuing you from one direction, please run in seven directions per minute from them. 
You deserve love, care and attention so don't settle for anything less or else. 

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  1. My dear. please do not take up a relationship with a married man in the end your the one that will get hurt.


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