Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Have Fallen in Love with my Boss!

Aunty Amara good evening ma and thanks for helping troubled people....
Am a silent fan of your page,always prescribing this page to people..Am actually very troubled now and don't understand what came over me..
Am 23 years of age and engaged my wedding is coming up by March next year by God grace.... I have fallen in love with my boss who is married with two kids, he's 35..
He has never cheated on his wife and wants to start it with me...
Don't understand whats going on with boss has been begging me and have never cheated on my spouse for the past two years and now..
Please Aunty Amara I need advice from your fans urgently before I loose my mind.

Sweetheart, for lack of a harsh words to use, I opted for a beautiful one to appreciate your sincerity to your challenge. 
I wouldn't say that you really understand what you are meddling with nor will I also agree that you are still with your mind as you wrote this to me. 
Let me remind you, your boss is currently married to a lady just like you who is tirelessly praying, fasting and calling upon God's name to protect her husband and family from strange women like you. 
She has already sacrificed her life two times for the sake of this man and his family and she has tirelessly supported him up to this moment. 
Your partner is praying that God will prepare you to be the kind of wife that this woman has been to your boss which has made him to attain to the position and level that he is today. 
Your partner has sacrificed so much to engage you for marriage and is currently preparing himself to honour you on that special day. 
Let me also help you realise that no matter how much you love your boss, you can never replace his wife but will be reduced to an organised prostitute. 
Now let me advise you on what's best for you to do. 
I had to stress it so that you can regain your conscience and not let the devil destroy you and ridicule you to a hopeless lady with no direction. 
It may be difficult for you at the the moment but it's the best decision you must make to save your self from making a decision that will cost you your happiness, fulfilment and prosperity in your home and marriage. 
Be wise please, this is a deadly trap the devil has set for your destiny, jump into it and your life will be a public mess. 
May God help you to understand the danger of such a stupid request. 
Integrity is worth any sacrifice! Preserve your Integrity and protect your dignity, you can never buy such anywhere in the world. 


  1. I presume the did has been done. Otherwise flee for good.

  2. Aunty amara has said it all.what the both u were experiencing is LUST and not love.believe me if u taste it now,ur eyes will open and u will be most ashamed of your my dear,untie ur self from that infatuation and run.don't ever think of that cos what goes around comes around. Be more prayerful.

  3. Dear poster,
    God has prepared a table for you yet you insist on dining with the devil...
    If this is a spell, i rebuke it in Jesus Christ name!
    What has come over you young lady?
    You have fallen in love with the money and care he spoils you with that probably you've never experienced from your fiance and you just don't want it to end...You've started fantasizing on life with your boss and you feel that's how it will be...of course, the pasture on the other side always appears greener...
    Other women are praying to God for husbands and here you are trying to tell God how stupid He is for providing a man for you...
    Another womans husband is now a better option..
    Can you cope with the lifelong curse that follows such act?
    You need Christ!

  4. My dear sister run for your life, he is just pulin ur legs by telling you he has never cheated on his wife just to make you special. Flee from him

  5. Thank You Amara for such a wonderful analytical advice. God is really using you ma to help confused ladies. Your testimonies are all over and we expect more.

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