Thursday, October 29, 2015

Child Groom or Strange Tradition?

 What do we call this, child abuse or cultural heritage? Wondering what went through the mind of the organisers, families and relatives to have allowed this young boy get married to a woman old enough to give birth to his father.
According to Daily Mail,the boy, from Tshwane, South Africa, said he had been told by his dead ancestors to wed and his family, fearing divine retribution, forked out for a wedding.
For whatsoever strange reasons one may have, should this be condoned and celebrated in our society? 
Could it be that while many go to school, the same can't be told of the civilization and development in most parts of African countries? 

There are so many questions begging for answers and as one looks around, you can't help but admit that there are some crude traditional beliefs which has kept African continent in the dark and has hindered her development and diversification. 
While some may have genuine reasons to defend this, I am of the opinion that Africans need to rise up and examine some of the things that we cherish as our culture and strange beliefs.  


  1. the gods that told the young boy to get married were high on dope....

  2. His DEAD ancestors also told him to marry his great grand mum?


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