Sunday, October 11, 2015

He Makes Me Feel Stupid!

Hi Aunty Amara,
I have been following your blog like crazy and am so thankful to you for all the good things you are doing.My story goes like this..
I have been married for two years and blessed with a beautiful daughter to the glory of God but my problem is my husband,ever since I moved into the states with him it's been one problem or the other.
My husband comes home every day frowning at me,he always looks for a reason to quarrel with me,have tried talking to him several times but he keeps hushing me,he hardly makes love to me,he always come home telling me how tired he was and all that.
I have done virtually everything I can think of to please him but the more I try the more he makes me feel real stupid for even trying.The part that baffles me is that whenever he was at work,we could talk on the phone for like five times and we will be very cool but whenever he sees me,he starts picking up quarrel.
The other day he bought the same wristwatch he bought for me for his mother and hid it from me so that I wouldn't know.
Please Aunty Amara I really need advise on how to go about this cause I don't want to have a broken home.
God bless you as you respond to me.

When a man who was meant to desire your intimacy, attention and affection ends up treating you as an obstacle and an obstruction, there's every tendency that there is possibly someone else or something else that has taken your place in his life. 
There's something else he's fighting with which he has decided never to open up to you and has in turn made him to act weird and funny around you. 
He may appear calm or cool because he doesn't want to give an impression that he's not on top of his game especially with those outside but whenever he comes home, he feels choked up and distressed leaving you with so much stress and emotional pains. 
And with his hiding his mother's watch from you shows that his mother has a better part of him than you possibly thought. 
Do not be deterred or discouraged by his attitude, if possible ignore them and focus, more on your daughter. 
Instead of calling so often, try minimising the calls so that he could have something to discuss when he's back from work. 
Don't quit letting him know exactly how you feel and why he shouldn't neglect his sexual duties to you. 
While it's terribly wrong that he bought the same wrist watch for you and his mother, hiding it from you shows that he doesn't appreciate you as his wife and the mother of his daughter. 
While you cannot fight him for how he chooses to spend his money or what he chooses to buy for who but this is a salient indication that your husband may not be close to you as it ought to be. 
Please do not keep calm because the devil is already taking him far away from you and you need to seek the face of God and hand him over to God. 
Pray for him and pray with him, encourage him in your own little way but remain focused on God and never quit until you you have seen a magnificent change in his relationship with you. 
Your greatest weapon isn't in your lips or hips but in your knees, to draw him to yourself, you need to call him forth spiritually and make sure that he's so close to God that when he looks around, he will see you always seeking the face of God. 
I will join you to pray and seek for divine intervention in your home, and if it's comfortable with you, do well to send your contact number to me. 


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      If u are married, I pray for u, that at the slightest provocation in your home may divorce be the only outcome....

  2. Amen to that pray @Obinna Obison. #Ella

  3. Please pray and fast there are too many husband snacthers out there that gives married men more attention.


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