Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Hate My Wife More Than the Devil!

I'm 36 years man married with five children(boys) from same woman, I love my children very well but hate my wife more than the devil, we still live in the same house but I'm afriad of sending her out because of my children because they loved their mother too.
Please advise me what to do, I have already offered my wife $200,000 as compensation to leave me but she refused.  I want to train my children with fear of God but my wife is very bad to the extend she spent $50,000 to celebrate her birthday.
I work very hard to get this money. If I refused to give her money she will start embarrasing me by asking my friend. I'm tired madam please please help me like you have been helping others.

Phew believe me, you got married to a consuming fire and if you don't instill some discipline and authority in your home, well pretty soon you may hear that your house has been sold should she not see the money to spend or someone to ask from. 
Granted that she's extremely extravagant, I don't think that divorcing her or offering her some amount of money will actually take her away from your life because she will always have access to her children and by extension to you. 
What you need to do is either to establish her so that she can work hard for her own money, budget the money you give to her and talk to your friends never to offer her any penny. 
She seems not to understand your sacrifices and pains to build a better future for her and your children. 
You have to go the extra mile to buy things for yourself and minimise the cash at the disposal to her not because you don't care about her welfare but to simply engage her mind to learn how to conserve and also work for her money. 
Hating her wouldn't actually help you emotionally and spiritually but helping her will, which I believe is the essence of marriage, helping each other become better than you met her. 
Engage her mind in things that will take her strength, efforts and commitment, something like sending her to school for some studies or some skill acquisition programme but don't send her home. 
She sacrificed her life and comfort for the children you so much love today and desire to give your very best. 
She nurtured them and stood there for them while you were working hard to earn some extra cash for your family. 
While I understand that she really isn't helping you accomplish your vision, will giving up on her really make you happy? Do you think that she's worth $200,000?
No partner is ever perfect and when you chose her to be your partner and companion, you agreed to stand with her, to complete her and to compliment her in her areas of weakness and shortcomings. 
She must have stood by you when the times were not rosy and I feel that with patience and understanding you can also help her become a prudent wife and mother to her children. 
Pray for her and always make out time to let her see through your heart, your pains, agony, vision and plans for the family. 
In addition to disciplining her please find out who her company are because they may have a great influence to the way she spends her funds. 
Let her know what you cannot tolerate from her and be the leader that God has ordained you to be. 
I believe that she will make amend where necessary and wake up from her slumber to take responsibility for her actions and focus on her own home and family. 


  1. Woah, words of wisdom and advice from heaven. Keep it up man, and may God continue to bless and increase ur knowledge, Amen.

  2. Get the book,'THE FATHERHOOD PRINCIPLE' by Myles Munroe. It will help.


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