Saturday, October 10, 2015

Karma is Real

If you hate your mother-in-law today, remember you will be a mother-in-law tomorrow.

As a man who doesn't take care of his mother-in-law and hates to see her around, you are sure to reap it somehow.

If you hurt and trample on your brother's wife today, you will be someone's wife tomorrow. If you are presently someone's wife, your daughter will be one tomorrow.

If you are wicked to your good daughter-in-law today, your own daughter will be someone's in-law tomorrow. If you have no daughter, God will send you someone, possibly another daughter-in-law who will punish you with scorpions.

If you stop someone from getting married today; if you go behind to utter rubbish against your neighbour's daughter just to make sure she doesn't get married before your own daughter, worse things will come your way.

You treat that child today as rag because he or she isn't yours; don't worry, payback time is coming. The word of God says "I will make your wives widows and your children orphans".

Whatever seed you sow today, you shall reap tomorrow. So many mothers-in-law are going through hell today in the hands of their daughters-in-law just because Mr. Karma has come calling.

Be careful what you sow into people's lives because you will pay for it tomorrow. You may have all the education in this world; you may have all the money in this world, but somehow, you will pay for your wickedness against someone created in God's image. And it will be worse for you if that person you are touching is one of those people upon whom the hand of God is strong.

What goes around comes around. Make a U-turn now!

If you busy running from one prayer house, give yourself a break and think back. If you are not, avoid hurting anyone deliberately today to save yourself of future stress and also save your pastor time.

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