Friday, October 9, 2015

Her Private Part Smells!

Good day ma. Thanks for clearing our doubts and advising us young people. 
Ma, I knew this young girl sometime ago and I loved her until we actually started having sex. 
The problem I had with her is that her private part smells a lot. I have done all I could but no way forward. 
I found out that I couldn't live with that for the rest of my life and I had to back out of the relationship and the girl is threatening. 
Is it nice for me to tell her the reason why I left her or I should just keep it to myself?

How I wish you told me all that you did to help her take care of her private part so that you can enjoy sex with her and she will be more confident with her body. 
What if you were married to her and you found out that her private part was smelling, would you have dumped her and marry another lady? 
Do you know that your own private part has odour too and your sperm smell depending on what you ate? 
You see, you told her that you love her but you have no idea of what loving another individual truly mean which is why it was convenient for you to back out and begin to scout for another sex mate to explore. 
Every individual has one form of odour for the simple reason that we have skin on our system and the skin produces sweat as long as we breath. 
The odour may vary depending on the type of skin, hygiene, or infections. 
If you truly loved her or cared about her body, you would have taken her to the hospital where she would have done her swab analysis to ascertain if there was any infection in her body or if she needed to improve on her hygiene. 
You would have stood by her since she offered you her body without any resistance and help her get it right. 
But since you feel that she's not the best person for you as a result of her body odour, be kind enough to let her know what you feel she needs to work on so that she can visit her doctor and get herself treated. 
Give her some time and quit communicating with her, she will get over it and be able to focus on her future. 
But I would rather suggest that you focus on discovering your purpose in life and forget about sex and vagina.

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