Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Not Getting any Younger!

I'm a 28 years old lady,graduate and working.
There's this guy am dating,we met in school,became friends and over years,became best friends.afriends. A lot of people in school then thought we were dating but we were actually not.
Towards our graduation,we fell in love and thought we could give dating a try and it's been good though we have had our tough times too,we have been dating for two years now.
The problem is I want to settle down,I love him and he loves me too but he's not gotten a job yet,sometimes I feel discouraged and want to give up but he begs and tries to convince me to stay that things will change for really confused,am not getting any younger,I want to settle down and start a family but he doesn't have money yet and I love him.
Please what should I do?

I perfectly understand that you aren't getting younger, it's your present concern but I am looking beyond your age to your happiness. 
Who you get married to determines to a large extent how happy, fulfilled and prosperous you will be in life. 
When two individuals who have a vision to work together and support each other in life agrees to help one another to attain to their goal, nothing can hinder such an individual. 
I know that things aren't looking up and you know the available job offers that millions of youths are scampering to get. 
Instead of looking at his walk from one pillar to another post, maybe you can discuss with him and share some ideas with him to see if there are ways to raise the bar and get married. 
There are things he can do to make some money and improve on himself, everything must not be white collar CV carrying application writing and suit interviewing kind of job. 
While you desire to settle down, also equip yourself with the skills, virtues and the knowledge that you need to support your husband in his own efforts. 
If he has a good vision or business idea, support him with some funds to enable him start up something even as he search for a better offer that is if you are comfortable with the idea and you truly believe in his personality and vision in life. 
While I wouldn't encourage you to stand with a man who you feel maybe wasting your time and emotions but I will encourage you not to make a lifetime decision based on some temporary circumstances that you may end up regretting later in life. 
Whatever be your decision, feel free to discuss it with your partner and let him know your thoughts and feelings. 
Also don't fail to commit everything to God to help you especially now that it seems as though things aren't working the way you planned it. 
Acknowledge his promises for your life and hold unto him who is too faithful to fail you.


  1. Go ahead and sponsor the marriage. But hold the conversation as suggested by Amara. Once you define your parameters, be focused and you will get there.


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