Wednesday, October 21, 2015

His Girlfriend Cursed my Parents!

Please advice me 
We both shared an unconditional love from the beginning. I am presently in 300 level in school while he's still finding admission for four years now . 
In a nutshell, we had an issue this year. During four months in my pregnancy he had a girlfriend, the girl and her friends always called me to blast me. 
Of recent, the girl called again and cursed my parents using what was a secret between only him, my parents and I. 
This has caused enmity between both parents and the word has spread like wildlife. 
Ma ,if the relationship of theirs is not so close he won't tell her such a secret. 
My parents has stopped me from meeting him and said I should give him his son.
Please what should I do ?
Sweetheart, he doesn't share the same love and convictions that he shared with you in the past so why make your life complex by meeting him and evoking pains and agony for loving the man who you thought was in love with you? 
This is the time for you to organise your life and pick up from where you missed your path.
It's always better if many ladies will save sex for marriage than give it with love and gratitude only to watch their partner kiss another bride in their presence. 
My suggestion would be that you forge ahead with your life and give your heart to loving your child and taking good care of your baby. 
Because the child belongs to you and your partner, he would need to provide what you need to raise your baby till your child has grown up to make decisions for his or herself. 
But I wouldn't suggest that you return your child to him at the moment.


  1. How quick you were to conclude that you both shared unconditional love for each other yet he had a girlfriend even while you were undergoing the stress of pregnancy...That act doesn't spell love to me...
    I can't help but wonder what the motivation is in this relationship..
    Probably you're the only one in love...
    The signs are very clear on the wall...Start planning for life without him to save yourself from the pains of a heartbreak...
    Just take care of that child and I'll advice you not to open your legs again for any man who hasn't performed the necessary rites...

  2. Dear poster no responsible gentle man does that to someone he your best interest. Just move on.


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