Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Regretted Doing This!

Good night. Mam I'm in urgent need of your assistance.
I'm in the midst of my examination and I have relationship problem. I am 22 years of age from South Africa.
I have been dating my boyfriend since last year December 27th, I allowed him to break my virginity last week Thursday. It was too painful so he managed to break two layers and the last layer was too hard and painful, so he told me we will complete the process this coming Friday.
So I notified him a few hours ago that I am on my period and now he told me he wanted an open relationship and that I am selfish.
To be honest I have been saving my virginity for marriage and I sacrificed it for my boyfriend. I regret doing it because he doesn't care about me anymore.
Please help me.

He came for the opening of  virginity operation and after ten months of knowing you and ten minutes of having sex with you, he realised that the vagina is open and there was no reason for him to continue to care especially when he has finished the operation. 

What will you do? Please accept yourself and focus on your exams. 
Remember that you paid for your school fees so that you can give your all to graduate with the best grades. 

Forget about men whose intentions are to champion the breaking of virginity no matter how hard it maybe, forget about men whose care are attached to what they will gain or benefit from you and not how to support you to be a better lady. 

Forgive yourself for not noticing that he wasn't your husband before opening your legs and please do remember that sexually transmitted diseases and infections is so much in existence so you may consider abstaining from sex to avoid the second part of the story especially when you may not have prepared for such a responsibility. 

God will heal you of your pains and disappointment but please learn from this and please don't let this repeat itself anymore. 
All the best in your studies and exams. 


  1. My dear pls concetrate in ur exams and move on. . . Stick to AVL's advice.

  2. My Dear, I want you to rest assure that we have the most loving and forgiving God. Look after yourself first, seek his forgiveness, good luck on your exams and if there is anything else. After all your life is like a canvas and you can choose what to goes on it. God Bless Dear. DL


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