Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Can We Boost the Height of Our Children?

Aunty Amara,my mum is tall and my dad is short but out of the six children they gave birth to, only the males are tall. The girls are not short and not too tall also. I will say am average in height. 
But the problem now is that out of all my suitors, I feel love for the shortest among them. his charisma, understanding and loving heart both for God and man are qualities that I have always dreamt of. 
He invited me to his village during last year festive period, I was welcomed by everyone. I also noticed that his father is tall and mum short.(meaning he took after the mum). Him and his immediate younger brother are short whereas his other siblings are very tall. 
The truth is that I am of same height with this young man, but you know how a man's height and a lady's height could be. 
My question now is, what are our chances of giving birth to tall children or atleast average? Are there nutrients or suppliments that can actually boost the height of our children? 

I'm glad that he has all the qualities of a Godly, responsible, stable and focused man. On a lighter note, your being the same height with him is a blessing in disguise though you may not have thought of it that way. It gives you the privilege to kiss him without stressing yourself and to place your hands on his shoulders with all ease and comfort. 
Based on all you said, there's every possibility that your children maybe very tall and possibly taller than you thought. 
While we have dominant gene of an average individual inherent in you and your partner, there's also a recessive gene which is determined by the gene of your parents and grand parents. 
The worst that will happen is that your children will be of the same height with you and your partner which to me isn't anything  to be worried  about. 
Normally the male children take the height of their mother while the female children take the features of their father hence the reason for your height and that of your partner. 
I understand that you want your children to be tall, handsome and charming but I think that you need a companion with a charming heart to support, compliment and celebrate every moment of your life much more than you need a tall and handsome man who may frustrate your life and make you miserable in life. 
Like I said earlier, most of the physiological traits in a every individual has been determined by the genetic make up of the sperm and egg before delivery so all that nutrients and supplements do is simply magnify what was in the gene of the child. 


  1. Straight from the school of thoughts. Never trust a short man... with brain too close to his ass. Let alone marrying them.

  2. The recessive genes from your tall mum and his tall dad may combine to give you tall children. Also ensure that you give them enough protein foods. Plus having a much taller husband increases a short lady's chances of needing a CS at childbirth.

    Go for a good man and forget the height.


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