Monday, October 12, 2015

Should Undies be Dried Inside or Outside?

Aunty Amara good afternoon. 
Please there's this believe that I've heard a lot recently. Initially I used to wash and spread my undies inside to dry. Then one day;a cousin of mine saw it and told me that it's not right, she told me that it's unhygienic to spread my undies inside as bacterias could thrive in damp/moist environment. She told me that its even advised that the undies be ironed after being dried in the sun to avoid bacterias and all. 
So I started spreading my undies outside and since then, some of my friends kept telling me that it's not good because someone could pick it and use for rituals and all sorts of story. 
Aunty Amara please what do you think on this issue, should it be kept inside or outside? 
Please also post so that other AVLites will give their opinion. Thank you very much.
If your undies are damp, it's not healthy and safe for you to wear them as they have the tendency to harbour some unhealthy bacteria and fungus. 
Also if your undies is a public image in your area or residence, it doesn't necessarily portray a good image of your dressing. I mean imagine someone saying that you have a pant of seven colours.. Lol that can be a turn off though. 
So what's best option, if you must sun dry, then it must be for your views only and not for the public except when you are married, then your husband maybe part of the viewing experience. 
If not then please dry in an airy settings and iron if you feel it's not as safe as you so much desire. 
Also it's much better to wear cotton undies than any other form of material for proper ventilation and ease of drying and use. 

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