Monday, October 12, 2015

My Things Disappear Mysteriously!

Dear Ma,I write this to you with a very heart,tear filled eyes,and lots of unanswered questions in my mind.
This problem started around 2007 when my family moved into a new house (rented). I started noticing that some of my things would disappear mysteriously. Sometimes I may find them and sometimes never again and if I find the missing item or items it would be in a very strange place and would look all tattered and dirty.
These items range between clothes and even jewelry, after a few years,I got admission into a private school,got to live in the hostel,same thing kept happening.
After a while I travelled abroad to complete my course and guess what? Its still the case! 
Last school year,my room mates found my bra on the corridor to our room,the same corridor I passed by few seconds earlier! How that bra got there,still terrifies me till date.
That was only one out of the many things that have mysteriously gone. The latest one was three or four days ago,I came back to the hostel,slept off in my jeans and top then I later woke up in the night and changed up. I placed my top on the wooden head of the bed and left it there.
As God would have it,I wanted to repeat that top again by morning (something I rarely do) but guess what ma? It was gone! I just broke down in tears because I knew immediately it had joined the other things to where ever they go to.
My question is what have I done to anyone in this world to afflict me with such a curse? It is not a case of theft because I would know. Why am I convinced? 
On one occasion,I came back home,took off everything I wore out including a ring I wore,and by the next three days I saw my ring outside a neighbour's shop,about to be swept off! I asked the shop boy,who owned this,he said he doesn't know,that he just saw it on the floor there, how??? 
About a year ago I started experiencing pains in my right lower waist,I have been to doctors,received treatments,but still no relief.
Right now it has spread to the left and I have to sleep on my side.I also just got married and the enemy is making things very hard for us financially.
My husband is constantly unhappy and can't be his usual sweet self! I'm away at school,while he is home.
Please ma,join voices with me and raise a cry to heaven to devour the devourer on my behalf and connect me with a strong man or woman of God to pray with me.
There is no prayer I haven't prayed towards this matter,no seed I haven't sowed too.
And to all Amara fans please join voices and pray for an unhappy sister because I still have faith that I will overcome! 
God bless you all very much!

The devil lost it long time ago, he may try but can never succeed because we serve creator of the universe and the Almighty God. 
Because you believe, your faith has set you free and I see the host of angels fighting your battles and breaking the yoke of the enemy. 
You see there is no man of God, or woman of God or any other who can deliver you except the name of Jesus Christ, this was the only name given in heaven above and the only name we can proclaim on earth below until we reunite with him in glory. 
From today till the 12th of next month, simply praise God like you are about getting mad in praise and worship. 
Don't cry anymore and don't be afraid of anything, simply praise, worship and praise him again. 
Forget about what happens around you, whether things miss or not, simply praise God and praise him. 
The devil who steals your joy will be crushed to dust as you raise your voice to praise and acknowledge the supremacy and the authority of the most high. 
What you are experiencing isn't ordinary so we wouldn't border asking what or how or why but we will lift up our heart to heaven and pour out our praise to him. 
The walls of Jericho fell down flat as the children of God praises the almighty God. 
Now is the time to praise and worship God to your breakthrough. 
Encourage your husband to join you in this assignment and please devote your heart to this and allow God to be God in your life and marriage. 
What more can I say, Our God is never worried about the devil nor will he fail us no matter your circumstances or challenges in life. 
As regards to the pains in your left abdomen, please visit your gynaecologist to examine your womb and find out what could be responsible for the pains and address it. 


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  2. Please visit the synagouge church of all nations in nigeria for your Total deliverance.

  3. if you know how to speak in tongues...pls do it confuses the devil when we speak in an unknown tongue commit it to God and its settled already for you are victorious by the blood of the lamb that was shed on the cross for the remission of our sin for this reason no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper....let the host of heaven befall any unseen hand moving your things by by fire in Jesus Name.....speak in tongues and watch God at work......

  4. I Felt pathetic reading your post, what you the post should has at the back of your mind is that God is supreme over every situation we find ourselves. Believe God is able to set you free, i will be very emphatic to you that you have been seeking solution from wrong places, spending money without solution to the problem. I knew how it pains, because i had been in a similar situation in 2014, moving from Churches and prayers houses to another all to no avail. The most worrisome part of it is that, i will be in the prayer house and my health will be worst to the extent that i will be thinking that i will die there. However, God led me to my rightful place of my salvation through my cousin and my healing started immediately, the women that God used to save me did not collect a penny from me. I will urged you to take courage to contact this women of God and explain to her what you are passing through, she is a true women of God, God had being saving soul through, the amazing aspect of it is that she does not look at their pocket or what she will get from them.
    A trial will convince you, what you will do if you want to contact the woman is to inbox Amara with my name and I will send the contact information of the women for her to give you. There is no need for us to know each other and do not inbox me , what am interested is for you to get solution to your problem.


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