Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Must a Lady Marry the Guy That Disvirgined Her?

Good morning Aunty Amara.
Please Aunty, must a lady marry the guy who disvirgined her, even though she's not willing and he is, after several years of separation. 
The lady was actually the one who called off the relationship then.
And please, what's the spiritual effect of not marrying him?
Would you also say he's God's will for me?

That a man had sex with you and the sex was sweet and beautiful doesn't mean that he's God's will for you. 
In fact you are working against God's will by letting sex determine who to settle for, perhaps he's your own will for yourself. 
So for the fact that you had a baby for him doesn't automatically make him your husband but the father of your child that is if he chooses to be responsible for your child. 
Sex is an event that fades with time but marriage is a lifetime experience with so many revelation and it has a lot to do with how happy, fulfilled and prosperous your life will be. 
Marriage is beyond romance and romantic wishes, it also includes some real life challenges, and moments that will challenge your convictions and vision in life and destiny. 
Marriage is a reality experience with so many uncertainties and sometimes no assurance for the future so you cannot mortgage your happiness all because you feel that you may be far away from the father of your child. 
He can provide for his child even if you are far away from him or married to your husband. 
Your choice of partner in life is not determined by who got to your laps first but by who has the qualities and the attributes that compliments and completes you in so many ways. 
He is the man whose vision and passion you believe in and can give your heart to help him prosper. 
He's the man whose spiritual authority you respect and appreciate in your home and one whose personality you adulate and admire. 
He's one who is responsible and selfless and you have the desire to help him above all else prosper and succeed in all his endeavours in life. 
In all, he's the one in whose arms you find peace, fulfilment and happiness and you are willing and ready to stand and support him for the rest of your life. 
The only challenge you may have depends on the kind of partner you got married to in terms of his maturity, understanding and perception of your child and marriage. 
As to the spiritual implications, I still believe that if anyone be in Christ Jesus, such a person is a new creature and old things of the past has passed away and such a person has embraced new possibilities and prospects in life so I do not see the spiritual implications for not getting married to such a man as long as there was no covenant or promise before or after such incident. 

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