Thursday, October 15, 2015

How Can You Identify a Jealous Partner?

Good morning ma,may God continue to bless you for all the ways in which you help people. Ma,I have an issue that has been eating me up and I would like to know from people,how they know when their spouse is jealous. 
That is to say,when you do something,probably with an opposite sex which is a friend (irrespective of the trust you and your spouse have) and your spouse doesn't like it,probably when the opposite pays a bill for you which your spouse couldn't handle at that moment due to some circumstances or certain calls which he/she isn't comfortable with but doesn't say anything because he/she trusts you enough to know what is right and wrong or he is trying to be a man and doesn't want to nag or make you feel somehow or past experiences have made he/she able to hide the jealous then do you tell when the person is jealous??
Because ma,my relationship-soon-to-turn-marriage is gradually crumbling down,my fiance trusts me no doubt but I still feel that at one point or the other he should show some bit of jealousy or protectiveness,no matter how little,beacuse I believe that Love and jealousy go hand in hand,so how then can one say he love someone when there isn't a tiny bit of jealousy?

I quite understand you but there could be some individuals who are too busy with life that they don't have the time to be following up on an adult who ought to know what is right and noble without being told. 
If for example someone else decides to pay your bills, courtesy demands that you ought to inform your partner and seek his suggestion or perception of such a kind gesture. 
Should he not be comfortable with such, she should desist from that and respect the emotions of her partner. 
If the reason for seeking help outside was as a result of the challenges and circumstances of your partner, then it only makes you in part a fair weather partner and you may be vulnerable to leaving or disappointing your partner. 
It may also be because he has another partner elsewhere who is getting the better side of him thereby reducing his time and affection for you. 
Though this may be unlikely depending on the level of commitment your partner has invested in you and the relationship. 
While jealousy with love makes a partner seek to protect his own, insensitivity and lack of courtesy may destroy the desire and good intentions of a partner. 
So to help you, find out why your partner may have been cold towards you and why you felt insecure in his arms and address it so that you don't lose your partner. 

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