Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Home is Under Tension!

Morning mam, I need to talk to someone wiser than me about something that just happend to cause tension in my marriage.
My husband and I have been together for eleven years, married for six years and have three kids.
My husband has learned that there is a possibility of him having an elder child that he had not known of. He says that two prophecies says he has a child.
The first prophet said, when he and the lady separated she was pregnant but because she immediately slept with someone else, that is why they both did not know that the child could be my husband's.
The second prophecy said he should pray for his first born child, whom he doesn't live with.
So I then asked him to make a list of who the possible mom could be, he refused saying its all impossible, the only kids he had were mine.
I then asked him if he belives that there could be possibilities, he then said he can't argue what the prophecies said because he is a believer.
Whenever I tried to talk to him about the matter he shuts me outs and wouldn't want to talk about it. This whole thing affects me as much as it affects him.
I want us to find a way forwad and make plans on how we will deal with it should the prophecis come true, he just wont talk to me.
How do I deal with the tought of having an extended family member, my kids having a half brother/sister? I feel that I was cheated on, why was I not given the chance to choose if this is the life I wanted?
Why is he being told about the child this late into our marriage? How do I accept the child?

Are these prophesies from God?  Are these prophesies true? I also believe that while prophets receive insight of the things that are unknown to men, there are possibilities that some of them may simply be false or at most a familiar spirit which may never be true. 
Even if it be true, how does he begin to dig into his past relationship and possibly evoke pains, disappointments and divorce all because he wants to ridicule another lady by laying hands on his child? 
If he knew about his children, why didn't he claim them while it was yet day and the weather bright? 
I must be honest with you, at this moment in your marriage, what matters most is that you build your home with your children and simply learn to live one day at a time and follow his decision without making any assumptions. 
The prophesy can be in two shade which may be true or false and as such shouldn't bring tension and strife in your home. 
Whatever it turns out to be, then you may discuss further with him on how to take care of his child but until then, I just feel that your marriage deserves the peace and beauty of a loving wife and a responsible husband. 
Don't let prophesies destroy your home because most of the present day prophesies are neither scriptural nor were they from God hence the reason why John admonished that we test all spirits and prophesies to make sure that they are from God. 
But to push him into digging up his memories of regrets and scars may not be helpful for your marriage no matter how terrible you may feel. 
Allow him to be happy and take things at his own pace. 
With patience, understanding and wisdom I believe that you shall receive the full manifestation of the said prophesies. 


  1. Another thin could be he knows he has a child outside your marriage and probably the lady or the baby mama is disturbing him to come an take his child and he decides to let you kno by bringing in prophets so that you hear it from them an finally the child will move in. H doesn't want a situation that he will wake up one morning and surprise you with that. Child. My thought.

  2. I suspect that too @ first comment.

  3. b4 Abraham Jesus was, from your comment u are the church type, your hubby is just planning a soft landing to bring home his first child.


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