Friday, October 16, 2015

I Can't Get a Job with My Grade!

Good morning and happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs Van-Lare.May the good lord continue to bless your union in Jesus name amen.
Please I need your advice and that of your fans because am stocked within the walls.
Am a graduate of microbiology in one of the Nigerian versities. My issue is that I graduated with a third class and have been finding it difficult to get a job.
I graduated with that not because I was dull but because I was actually not serious from first year;all my hope and interest was to travel abroad and as such was busy attending different interviews in different embassies,so before I could realise it, the hope was dashed out,I was already in my second semester 300 level.So that resulted to my poor grade.
Please aunty Amy and fans,what's the way forward? Please advice me on what to do. How do I develop myself?
what kind of business can I engage in apart from buying and selling?
I really need a general advice;I need total overhauling of my life...
Am a single man and 33 years old.
Thanks so much. One love!!

Grades doesn't determine your greatness in life, your vision and passion towards achieving the vision is what makes you an extraordinary individual. 
It's too late to regret your choices in the past, now is the best time to think of what you can add to your certificate to make you relevant to your family, friends and the society at large. 
There's a great difference between being educated and having the ability, creativity, and the skills that most companies and organisations desire to get their job done without much stress. 
The real question has always been, what can you do for me and not what you graduated with. 
For the fact that you made third class is an indication that you have the intelligence and the basic information on how to manage things that pertains to your field of study. 
What you need to add to your certificate is a skill that you cherish. 
Your grade doesn't limit you from learning how to repair generators, nor does it limit you from learning about wiring and electrification projects, it would not hinder you from learning programming language and some Internet communications and technology programmes. 
Many graduates are employed simply because they can manipulate Microsoft Excel to solve so many problems and the same as System Application Programmes. 
Take your time, humble yourself, start up something even if it's teaching and raise some money. You may even consider driving jobs because they pay more than some schools do but let your purpose be to make some money that will enable you learn some skills that will reposition you for excellence. 
If you learn oil and gas pipeline welding for example, nobody will remember that you graduated with third class because even your paycheck will marvel many of your friends. 
So take your time and organise your life, it's never too late to do what is right for your own success. 
Give your heart to your passion and continue to press on to a higher calling. If many who never went to school are today managers and owners of companies, then you do not have any limitations in life nor do you have any excuse not to succeed. 
Humble yourself and start up something, some people are employed and they look happy but their pay is not up to N20,000 but the tricycle driver may look rickety to many but he makes sometimes more that what the employed person earn in a day. 
Start up something today and continue to build a stable and helpful relationship and networking with those around you and everyone else you meet in life. 
God will favour you when you quit pitying yourself and begin to explore the potentials and skills inherent in you. 

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  1. You are in a similar fix like I was. It can be difficult, and if you are feeble minded, then you will just keep on complaining. I graduate from one of the Nigerian universities with the same grade. I felt really bad, and remember crying when my course adviser told me. I did some careless mistakes, though the fault was not totally mine. One good thing you have done is that you have accepted that you made a mistake. The next step now is, HOW CAN THIS MISTAKE be corrected? From my experience, I will share some tips with you that helped me become a better person today. They are;
    1. Be prayerful
    2. Develop the spirit of commitment
    3. Begin to volunteer
    4. Engage in free conferences that will develop your mind. Pay if you can.
    5. Spend time with your mind.
    6. Get a skill
    7. Discover your passion
    8. Avoid time wasting activities
    9. Whatever little thing you do now to earn money, form a habit of sharing with your parents, and seek for their blessings. That is if they don't do it spontaneously.
    10. Avoid curses from your parents. If they have ever cursed you, beg for their forgiveness. Avoid quarreling with them.
    11. Support people in need of assistance. It must not be financial.
    12. Be committed to Godly activities, and make a commitment with God.
    13. Help in cleaning your place of worship and you can use it as a point of contact with God.
    14. Be honest

    These might not be easy, and the fruits might not be QUICK ACTION, but when it starts it comes like magic. I am a living testimony. God has been gracious to me. He is surely fulfilling his promises in my life, and I owe him a lot. I can't boost of anything unless in the name of the God Almighty. Currently, I earn a very reasonable pay after switching two companies with the same degree as you.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and every other thing will be added unto you.

    Aunty Amara, thank you for this opportunity.


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