Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Feel Like Running Away!

I don't know where to start. My husband is an obsessed abusive control freak.
My nine years with him was hell,from threats with gun to punches and slaps. He has paranoia issues, trusts nobody.
Am not the only one he abuses, he fights and beats people up anyhow. I have left like three times before this last one.
I left him on February this year without my kids cos I was so afraid to go back to the house, I just wanted to get home and be safe.  Then I went to court for custody and divorce.
After some time he came with his family to beg and I refused. He started insulting my parents and burning my belongings as I didn't leave with any of them.
The court went on strike and he relaxed. When the court resumed, he came begging again. He has been able to convince my parents to let me come back. He promised me heaven and earth.
I asked for a seperation but he refused and insisted I should come back. In my mind and spirit I feel going back will be a mistake but everyone including my parents thinks I should try again.
I haven't seen anything to convince me he has any change through the little time we have spent to talk about ourselves he still portrays his pride and controlling self , he still shows his obsession.
Please advice. Am stuck in a world of confusion, sometimes I feel like running away but not without my kids.

The moment the umbilical cord connecting you and your mum was severed, you became responsible for your life and the choices you made whether known or unknown. 
Everybody may encourage you to go back because of the opinions and the views of the world but only you can tell the pains and agony of living with such a man who is emotionally, spiritually and psychologically stable for marriage. 
Life is priceless and if you are not at peace with him or emotionally prepared to try marriage again with him, please demand for some time off to cool off from such a hell. 
Promises are fluke when you live with a domineering and abusive partner but if you feel that you want to give him another opportunity to prove how much he loves you,PLEASE SIGN AN UNDERTAKEN WITH HIM IN A COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION AND ENDEAVOUR TO GET YOUR WITNESSES TO SIGN THE UNDERTAKEN WHICH MUST INCLUDE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER, YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER AND ALSO ONE FRIEND FROM BOTH SIDES. 
In addition to signing an undertaken, I will also recommend the he go for a psychiatric examination and evaluation to ascertain if his hormones and nervous system are functioning as desired. 
You may be wondering why I sound so stern and serious about this, my reason is simple, life is priceless and nobody has any reason to terminate your life no matter the excuse, essence and purpose for such an attitude. 
Some women died in the hands of the man who vowed to protect them in the presence of men and God so I do not take physical abuse for granted. 
Your children needs you alive so if he cannot agree with your terms of reference, then you may need to remain in your parents house and sue for the custody of your children. 
Man is just a breath away and we cannot tolerate physical abuse and tag it as normal. 
Please let nobody agree on your behalf what you need because a man who could burn your materials and abuse your parents definitely isn't done with you yet. 
The choice is yours anyways but I plead with you not to let your children suffer from the opinions of men. 

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