Friday, October 30, 2015

My Angel Worships on Saturday!

Good day ma. Remain blessed for the souls you are saving in this page. 
Aunty please I need advice.
I made up my mind not to be in love or any relationship after my ex-boyfriend that I love broke up with me and went for another girl in his school with out any reason.... 
I don't blame him because I gave him my body. I moved on though it wasn't easy.
I got admission in 2013 in one of state poly in
South East. I met this guy in my hostel around April/May the same year, he asked me out but I declined and told him that I don't want to be in
any relationship for now, but he kept caring for me and showing interest in me, anytime he
travels he must buy some thing for me. He called me everyday.
Actually, I don't know when I fell in love with this guy. When we resumed from break I found out that I was totally in love with him.
Aunty, I have been with him for two years now and found out that true love still exists. I really loves him and he does too, he gives me advice in many angles.
What surprised me was that I told him that I was seeing some discharge in my body, he found out that I had toilet infection, I was ashamed but he
took me to lab for test and he foot the  bills
including treatment and and taught me more
on body hygiene . 
If am adding weight he will tell me immediately he sets his eyes on me because we
were  not staying together. I will be going for my HND next month by the grace of the Almighty and the forms were purchased by him.
Not dat we are perfect, but we settle our
differences immediately any arises without passing a day.
But my problem is that am a roman catholic
right from birth and this my angel worships on Saturday. 
Am confused sometimes concerning the issue..
My parents are at the village and I don't know how they
will see it.
He has the intention of settling down with me if he
is financially buoyant..
I will be 25 years by this month ending and he is 28..
We are both Igbos.. He is among the batch C that just
passed out from NYSC ....
Please advice your confuse sister.

The Bible said that not those who call me father, father that will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but those who do what my Father in Heaven has commanded. 
Many have lost their partner defending religious doctrines and painfully do not know the word of God. 
Some have no understanding of the word of God but they will go to the extreme to protect and defend their church and in the process lose the promises of God for their lives.
There's a huge difference between the place of worship and the heart that worships God .
When you meet an angel in human form, your main duty should not be to worry about what your family will say or what anyone may say but for you to seek the face of God who made him and find out his personal relationship with God. 
If a man worships God on Sunday but beats and cheats on his wife every other day, does that make him a Christian than the one who worships God on Saturday and every other day strives to please him in all his endeavours? 
In heaven will there be a preferred day of worship or a special church that every one must attend? 
Will your church take the place of your relationship with God or has God revealed to you that you must marry a catholic man as your husband or did you vow that if he's not a catholic, then you can't marry him? 
I'm asking you these questions to awaken your understanding to know what you really need and desire in a relationship and marriage. 
Of course you should not joke about your spiritual compatibility when considering your  choice of partner because it is the bedrock of all other compatibility in marriage. 
If you are convinced that you cannot attend his place of worship, kindly discuss this with him and seek for his opinions and views on that and if there are any adjustments both of you can make for the sake of your relationship and marriage. 
If there's no agreement after due deliberations and considerations, then your best shot should be to let him be and marry the man who worships in the place where you are more comfortable with. 
But have this at the back of your mind that your marriage is never an extention of your parental home but a unique creation of a new home with new vision and purpose in life and as such the opinions of your parents or friends or relatives isn't what matters most when you are making decisions on who to get married to. 
Get close to God and seek his face now so that you don't make a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life. 

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