Monday, October 5, 2015

My Life is at Stake!

I'm a widow of 38 years with a child and I met a divorcee of 40 years with two kids two years ago.
He divorced his wife because she cheated on him with a pastor in their church. We (I and the man) are planning to get married by December but the ex-wife is raining fire and brimstone that the wedding will not hold. She went as far as threatning the ex-hubby that he will never get married except she married first.
Please I want advise from the house if I should continue with the relationship or quit because as it is now,my life is at stake.
Thanks and keep me posted. 

If truly the man has legally and officially divorced his wife, and you can lay hands on the documents of their divorce then you have nothing to be worried about but simply to prepare yourself for some desperate attitude from her. 
But if the divorce was done by their own lips and they have not gotten any court dissolution of their marriage, then I would suggest that you steer clear from them because the wife will definitely fight back for the sake of their children. 
In all please remain focused on your child and encourage your partner to sort things out especially with regards to his children and his wife or ex wife so that there wouldn't be so much interference when you get married to him. 
Also make your own enquiries about his personality and vision in life so that you don't fall into the pitfall that caught his other wife and commit everything to God who will guide your footsteps and reveal his purpose for your life and marriage. 

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